Event 4 Update

Currently in level 11 … 200 ante with blinds at 800/1600.  60 players remain with the average chipstack is around 75,000.

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Event #1 – Top 3 cut deal


After laboring for  almost 10 minutes, the top 3  agree to chop.    
John “The Plumber” Cyr  per the chop wins the event taking home almost $12,500
Charles Davis takes home $12,500 and 3rd place honors.    
Peter Kelly wins $13,968.          
Congrats to all !!            


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Last hand of level 24..Big Action !!

We start with Charles raising 160k in late position
Peter calls and Karon calls.    
Flop is K K 4      
3 way check      
Turn is K.        
Charles bets 130k, Peter folds, Karon calls.  
River is 2c.        
Karon moves all-in….Charles mucks.  

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Heads up battle in level 24

Karon in late position raised 120k, Charles smooth calls.
Flop goes 9s 10s jh        
Charles bets 220k…Karon calls.      
Turn As.   Double check      
River Ac. Check/check.      
Charles turns over a pair of 2s. Karon flips over 88.  

6 players remain. Dinner break coming soon.

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Event 1 Final Table is Reached !!

  1. Cristos Ekiaris  595k
  2. Greg Sunderland  560k
  3. Charles Davis  750k
  4. Peter Kelly  620k
  5. Steven Fiorentini  1.0 million
  6. Karon Fitzgerald  860k
  7. Rae Parthasarath 250k
  8. John Cyr   800k
  9. Charlie Hawkins  680k


 Pictured Bottom Row – Davis, Fitzgerald,Ekiaris,Rae P.
Top Row – Fiorenti, Hawkins, Kelly, Sunderland  

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