2018 Summer Showdown $300 NL Bounty Prizes Awarded (07.28.2018)

Pl. Winner Name Payout
1 Quintin Tyson $4,691
2 Rocco Salperto $3,285
3 Caleb Clarke $2,113
4 Olivier Lacoste $1,565
5 Calvin Ma $1,173
6 Adam Maislen $938
7 Sean Davidson $781
8 John Denardis $625
9 Paul Giliberto $469
10 Anthony Martino $341
11 Richard Geremia Sr. $341
12 Michael Rich $341
13 Frank Goudailler $280
14 Michael Bissonnette $280
15 Eric Frank $280

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2018 Summer Showdown $1,100 Main Event Prizes Awarded

Pl. Winner Name Payout
1 Jonas Bendiks $26,400
2 LJ Sande $24,877
3 James Parrott $13,581
4 Eric Frank $10,059
5 Natale Kuey $7,539
6 Max Goldfarb $6,031
7 Byeongwook Kang $5,018
8 Jeffrey Higgins $4,017
9 Bob Hover $3,016
10 Benjamin McLaughlin $2,194
11 Iakovos Gerakos $2,194
12 Blake Brendan $2,194
13 Ronald Pease $1,800
14 Peter Campo $1,800
15 Joseph Coulombre $1,800

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Sande and Bendiks Chop the Remaining $50K+ Prize Pool for the Main Event

LJ Sande takes the trophy and just under $25,000 in a chop with Jonas Bendiks. Sande had a great run in the 2018 Summer Showdown Series, cashing for a total win of $35,860.

Jonas Bendiks takes slightly over $25,000 in the chop. He played well taking out five players at the final table. He cashed previously in the 2015 Summer Showdown taking 5th place for $8,384.


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Parrott Hangs on to Place 3rd in the Main Event

Parrott ends up all-in four hands in a row against Bendiks and wins all of them. His first hand he has pocket fours vs. Bendiks who has Ace three. Another hand Bendiks can’t call as he says he can’t justify calling a 360K all-in vs. the total pot size he could win. Parrott holds on strong and wins another pre-flop all-in against Bendiks, Kings vs. Jacks. He says he could not have done it without his lucky dealer Krishen in the box. Winning these pots allows him to outlast Frank and Kuey, placing 3rd for $13,581.

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Goldfarb is Eliminated 6th by Bendiks- AK vs. JJ

Bendiks and Goldfarb end up all-in pre-flop. Bendiks covers Goldfarb’s 400K stack. Bendiks has AK, Goldfarb has JJ. Board runs out:

8d  7s  8s  Ac  8h

Bendiks wins with top pair to eliminate Goldfarb who takes 6th for $6,031.

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Kang Eliminated by Bendiks and Places 7th

Kang pictured at the final table

Bendiks raises UTG to 20K. Both blinds call, with Kang in the SB.

Flop: 10  6  J  (diamonds)

Action check through to  Bendiks who bets again a total of 25K. Kang calls and the BB folds.

Turn: 5h

Kang checks again, Bendiks bets 45K. Kang calls.

River: 7s

Bendiks taking out Kang

Kang checks one last time. Bendiks goes all-in covering Kang’s remaining stack of 90K. Kang calls and loses to Bendiks’ pocket Kings. Kang folded before his hand could be identified. He says he had Ace Jack off for top pair. He places 7th for $5,018.


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