Dan O'Leary knocks 3 players …now hand for hand


John Wrobleski goes all-in for 46.5k. Dan O’Leary calls the 46.5. Nick Palma raises all-in for 82k. Joe Sweeney calls for less. Dan calls the remaining.

Dan – 8x 8x

Nick – 10x 10x

Joe – Qx Qx

John – Ax Jx

When the flop spikes an 8 for Dan and no picture or ace hits, he knocks out 3 players.

We are now at 25 players and paying out the top 24.

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Tryba double up through Stefanski #springshowdown



In a battle of the binds, Tryba (Small) calls 2.5k and Stefanski (Big) raises to 30k pre-flop. Chris Tryba calls.

With a 6-high flop, Tryba goes all-in (Ax 6x) and David snap calls showing Qx Qx. Chris isn’t happy seeing this, but when an Ace comes on the turn giving him 2 pair. David needed a Queen on the river to eliminate Chris. It does not come and now Chris Tryba is over 300k and is off to life support on chips.

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Gerald Aiello shows that he to can flop sets…



To Dakota right, sits Gerald Aiello. Nicest man on the planet. Raises 3k pre-flop. Sung Lee raises to 6k..one other caller then Gerry calls.

Flop goes 3x 4x 6x. Gerry fires 25k. Sung Lee raises to 80K..player B folds and Gerry insta-calls. With a 6x on the turn, Gerry goes all-in and Sung Lee has to call with 10x 10x. No ten on the river can save Sung Lee and is eliminated.

33 players remain

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Dakota knocks out another #springshowdown



In late position, Bobby Ricciuti shoves his last 24k or so only to get called by Dave Stefanski in the small blind and Dakota Happas.

Flop is 8 A♠ Q♣. David checks. Dakota make a small bet to which David mucks.

Dakota shows Q♠ Q. Ricciuti shows 10 10♠

Turn is Kx and the river is a 10 to give Bobby a set of tens but its not enough.

Dakota looks to go deep in the tournament.

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Dakota picks up Aces on the button


East Coast tournament player Steve “Dakota” Happas picks up Ax Ax on the button and fires out on the flop, turn and river to beat Mark Epstein out of pot.

Still too early in today’s action. Stay tuned all day here and on Twitter for updates.



On the very next hand, Mark eliminates Raj Patel when his Ax Qx was better then Raj’s Ax Jx.

44 players remain


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