Few hands that happened before the hand for hand…

 DeepStacks Poker Tour

Chino was down to 100k when he goes all-in with AA and got called by Player A with QJ of spades. Player A had a spade draw on the flop but no improvement. Chino is now up to 180 +/-.

Tim Reilly, on the Feature table doubled up with his K♠J♠ against Liam He’s pocket nines. Reilly is now up to 140k +/-

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We are back…cards are in the air…

 DeepStacks Poker Tour

Level 17 – 3k/6k/500 ante

Here are some of the top chip counts courtesy of deepstackspokertour.com

Michael Esposito – 490k

Daryl Jace – 458k

Chino Rheem – 428k

Currently at 32 players…27 players will cash.


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Dinner Time….

Time to get food in our bellies for the long haul tonight……see everyone in 60 minutes.

No change in chip counts.

32 players remain.

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