Final Table Updated Chip Counts


Play resumes at 8:00pm      
Here are current chip counts :      
Seat   Name      
1    Mike Orgettas 255k  
2   Mike  Zagorites 1.135m  
3   Craig Koppell 1.3m  
4   Bobby Corcione 951k  
5   Matt Sciuto 473k  
6   Daniel Chan 913k  
7   Robert Leardi 746k  
8   Omar Taveras 311k  
9   Len Cortellino 319k  

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Level 21 Update – Main Event

Level 21                    
2000 Ante  10k/20k Blinds                
Mike Zags recoupes some of his chips lost              
Mike had lost most of his stack over the past 2 hours but just picked up most       
of them in one hand.                  
Flop comes 9d Qs 7s                
From the Big Blind and 2 others behind him, he goes all in only to be outdone by Daniel Chan who announces   
that he is all-in as well and has Mike covered.             
Omar Taveras was the other man in the hand and folded when action got back to him.      
Mike shows 9c 7c                  
Daniel shows As 8s (flush draw)                
Turn   2d                    
River   8h                    
Players have just ended Level 21 and are now on a 1 hour dinner break. Play will resume at 8:00pm    

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Event 10 – $250 6 – Max

Level 8        
100 Ante  500/1000 Blinds    
Players returning shortly from break  
48 started……26 remain.. Average stack 37,000
Top 5 being paid       
1st $4,609.00      
2nd $2,561.00      
3rd $1,537.00      
4th $922.00      
5th $615.00      

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Level 21 – Main Event Update

Level 21              
2000 Ante     8000/16000 Blinds           
Matt Sciuto doubles through Chan        
Daniel Chan limps in UTG, when action gets back to Matt, he goes all-in for 220K
Daniel calls…            
Matt Qh Qd            
Daniel Ac Kc            
Flop   3h Js 2h            
Turn    7c              
River 3c              

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Event 9 – $330 Bounty Update

200 Ante     600/1200 Blinds –      
Players have been on Dinner break and will return shortly.
50 players remain with average stack around 66,500  

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Main Event – Level 19 Update

Level 19                
1000 Ante  5000/10000 Blinds            
A 3-way all-in….              
Craig Koppell, Phil Percoco and chip leader Bobby Corcione has a very interesting hand..
Bob (small), Phil (large) and Craig (middle position).        
Craig raises to 25k, then Bob re-raises to go all-in. Phil insta calls and so does Craig.  
Bob has  5d 5c              
Phil has 8s 8c              
Craig has 9s 9c              
Flop goes  3d  2d  4s              
Turn come  9h              
River  10h                
Phil finishes in 11th.              
Bob is crippled and loses 1/2 his stack down to 775K        

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Current Results – Event 7 – Main Event


Level 18        
500 Ante  4000/8000  Blinds    
Places so far..      
18th Rich Bourgoin $2,000.00  
17th Chris Kirkwood $2,000.00  
16th Thomas Aprea $2,000.00  
15th Anthony Camardo $2,300.00  
14th Mark Harris $2,300.00  
13th James Magner $2,300.00  

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