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Event Results
Place Name State Prize
1st David Stefanski CT $7,000.00
2nd Thomas Gervais CT $4,500.00
3rd Veton Balidemaj N/A $4,326.00
4th Donald Briggs NY $4,325.00
5th Naichang Chen NJ $2,028.00
6th Thomas Demorro CT $1,622.00
7th Jeremy Blatt CT $1,350.00
8th Eric Ludlum CT $1,080.00
9th Meng Lu MA $811.00
10th Jamie Berger MA $590.00
11th Andriy Kovalchuk CT $590.00
12th Robert Kalinowski CT $590.00
13th Stephen Mierisch CT $484.00
14th Andrew Leary CT $484.00
15th Roger Palombizio CT $484.00
Entries 120
Prize Pool $30,264.00

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