At the window and at the table.

We noted a few players now starting to show up that are regulars here at the SUN Showdown events and also noted players that are now signing in to this event.
Sherwin Agard and his Chip Taker at one of the tables and some players who wish not to be identified by photo due to AMERICAS  MOST WANTED lol Just kidding….

The question is How does he play without it.??… ok ok he has back up ( his monopoly car.}..

Sherwin sits with over 23 K
Poker Mike AKA  ( allinwithjesus)
At the window two familiar faces in the tournament world.

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Milton Haughton Takes down early pot up to 22 k


We caught up with the action late in a hand with a flop that appeared to be 10 J K  of clubs.
The board paired on the river giving both Boat and Flush potential
we saw a bet of 1600 by Ross Santos a noted player from the area and a re-raise to over 5 k by Milton Haughton.
Ross laid down A Q off suit and showed the hand face up for a flopped straight and Milton Took down the Pot and did not show his hand
A player at the same table has over 25 K at this time and appears to be the current chip leader as we enter into level 3
Chicki   $25,300
Poker Mike  AKA ( allinwithjesus)

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Some of the staff

Hope O’bryon 

A friendly familiar face in the tournament room as she answers a players question.
Hope has her tournament staff hat on today.
The Poker room is busy today as well in the cash area with many active tables.
level 2 no one has busted yet and no notable stacks to report at this time
you can find the blog a few different ways.
twitter, the around the felt button on Mohegan website or the tournament button as well
Poker Mike  AKA (allinwithjesus)

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Some early play

Early into the tournament 42 players are now showing on the clock which started less than 10 minutes ago.

Brendan Boyer hard at work .

Some early players.
We will be posting shortly any notable players as they arrive.
20 k starting stack with 30 minute blind  levels.
Come on down .. Great Structure ,
AKA  poker Mike (allinwithjesus)

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Up for Grabs

Mohegan Sun’s Summer Showdown Poker Tournament Trophy’s up for Grabs.
$200 K Guarantee July 26th-30th.
4 Trophy Events.
Today July 26th, 2017
11:00 AM today Flight 1 A starts at 11:00 am. Re-entry till the end of level 8 .
6:00 PM Today Flight 1 B starts at 6:00 pm. Re-entry till the  end of level 8
Thursday July 27, 2017
11:00 AM Flight 1 C starts and there will be re-entry till the end of level 8
6:00 PM Flight 1 D starts and there will be re-entry till the end of level 8

Come on down for you share of the CASH

1st place will be in excess of $10,000 .
great value for you $200 investment

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