Parrott Hangs on to Place 3rd in the Main Event

Parrott ends up all-in four hands in a row against Bendiks and wins all of them. His first hand he has pocket fours vs. Bendiks who has Ace three. Another hand Bendiks can’t call as he says he can’t justify calling a 360K all-in vs. the total pot size he could win. Parrott holds on strong and wins another pre-flop all-in against Bendiks, Kings vs. Jacks. He says he could not have done it without his lucky dealer Krishen in the box. Winning these pots allows him to outlast Frank and Kuey, placing 3rd for $13,581.

Author: Ashley

Professionally, I have close to 15 years of poker experience ranging from Las Vegas, Kansas City, Florida & Connecticut. I have dealt in the WSOP (2009 & 2011), Venetian DeepStacks (2007-2009, & 2011) WPT Events, The Heartland Poker Tour (St. Louis 2012), and most recently Poker Stars (Atlantic City 2016), & The Borgata (Winter Open 2017). I have worked at Mohegan Sun for the last year and a half and enjoy working in the craziness of the poker world. We pride ourselves on a beautiful poker room and with a warm, friendly staff. There is never a dull night here at the Sun!

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