Player Chip Stack Reports Level 4

Ross Santos who has total live earnings in excess of $238,00 is among the chip leaders in the room with over 47 k

Robert Schmidt is smiling because he has 46 k early in this event.  Robert has over $5000 in live earnings and is looking to seal the deal with this one and move up the earnings ladder.

Steve Jarrett has 43 K in chips

Paul Glassanos  has 40 K
Sherwin Agard  AKA ( The Chip Taker)
Over 320 k in live earnings has 39 k
A lot of questions of me is to why I am not playing the event and blogging.
The number one reason is I am doing this because Players need to be recognized and I think I can do a good job of telling the story of these great events at Mohegan Sun. I can not play the event and cover it to.
If anyone has any questions or any   comments please feel free to let the staff know or me as the what you would want to see in the blog.
Its all about you POKER NATION
Poker Mike AKA (allinwithjesus)

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