Greg Gallagher takes from Chip Taker.

BB vs SM Blind.
Chip Taker is in Big Blind and Greg Gallagher is in Small Blind.
We walked up to the table to see the flop of A d, 10 c, and 10 s,
Chips were already in play and Chip Taker is continuation calling.
J s. on turn and 2 d on river gave Sherwin ( AKA Chip taker however Gregg had 10 4 off in the small blind for trips and the winning hand.
Chip Taker 2nd best with A 2 for two pair on the river..
Sherwin sits with over 50 k now and Gregg Gallagher has 12 k but building again.

Greg Gallagher has over $32,000 in live career cashes Including a 4th place here in the 1100 event for $17,000 a 3rd place here in 2014 for $4000. His most recent cash was this year in the Spring Showdown for $10,000 2nd place.

Greg is trophy hunting like the rest of the field..

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Boyer, Brendan

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