2015 Summer Showdown Main Event Results

Our Summer Showdown 2015 Main Event drew 129 entrants for a total prize pool of $125,130.

Finishing on Sunday August 30th, here are the event winners for the Main Event.

Place Name Nationality Prize
1st Brenton Reihl   $30,000.00
2nd  Victor Amereno   $21,063.00
3rd  Samir Desai   $21,062.00
4th Radha Krithivas   $11,870.00
5th  Jonas Bendiks   $8,384.00
6th  Peter Campo   $6,707.00
7th  Souka Kachittavong   $5,581.00
8th  Michael O’Brien   $4,467.00
9th Roger Harris   $3,353.00
10th  Tom Dobrilovic   $2,440.00
11th  Je Wook OH   $2,440.00
12th Michael Teixeira   $2,002.00
13th Robert Holtz   $2,002.00
14th Matthew Wantman   $2,002.00
15th Natale Kuey   $2,002.00

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