Still time left today to win $100 every hour for the HIGH HAND JACKPOT!!




Every Monday in month of January our High Hand Jackpot will pay out HOURLY!!!

Monday Madness will reward the highest hand every 60 minutes with $100.00 in chips.

This promotional period will begin every Monday at 12:00AM and end at 11:59AM.

  • Promotion valid on all raked cash games which collect a BBJP/HHJP dollar.
  • At least 5 players must be dealt into a Texas Hold’em game.
  • At least 4 players must be dealt into a 7 Card Stud game.
  • To be rewarded, all current hands must be beaten by a higher hand in order to be paid out as the high hand for any given period of time. Multiple players who are dealt Royal Straight Flushes will be rewarded the full amount of the promotion.
  • All players must be 21 years of age with valid government picture ID.  If a player does not have a vaild form of ID, they will be allowed 30 minutes to obtain valid picture ID otherwise the next recorded High Hand will be awarded.

(Standard $500.00 High Hand Jackpot will resume after the last Monday Madness High Hand has been paid out)

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