Results from Saturday's 10K Tournament on 6.1.13

Guaranteed Poker Tournaments

Players : 69      
Prize Pool: $9,700        
Name City   Prize Amount
Myontho Payoute Norwich CT  $      1,472.00
Willie Griffin Canterbury CT  $      1,471.00
David Russell Granby CT  $      1,471.00
Toan Nguyen Hartford CT  $      1,471.00
John Comeau Webster MA  $      1,471.00
Stu Friedman Niantic CT  $      1,471.00
N/A      $         485.00
Brian Mathie Worcester MA  $         388.00

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Mohegan Sun starts 7-Card Stud Bad Beat Jackpot at $20,000 today

Bad Beat Jackpot

New Month…new Bad Beat Jackpot promotion. Mohegan Sun is proud to start a 7-card stud Bad Beat Jackpot which starts at $20,000 today.

The Stud games that will have the jackpot is the following : 1-5, 5-10, 10-20 and 20-40.

Here are just a few rules for the Stud BBJ :

  1. A minimum of 4 players must be dealt in the hand at the beginning of the hand, and the collection for the bad beat must be collected for the hand to qualify for the Bad Beat.
  2. A maximum of one dollar will be collected from the pot once it has reached $20 and the hand has been played to Fifth Street.

  3. If the hand has not been played to Fifth Street or there is not $20 in the pot the hand will not be eligible for the Bad Beat.

  4. In order for the hand to Qualify for the Bad Beat a player must lose the hand with quad  (5’s) or higher.  

  5. In order for the hand’s to qualify for the Bad Beat both winning and losing hands must be displayed on the table, played to completion and must be tabled.

  6. Players must have a valid ID and produce a valid social security number, in order to collect their winnings.  If a player does not claim their prize within 30 days of the date the jackpot was hit they shall have no recourse and the money shall be added to the Main BBJP fund

More  info on rules are available in the room. Please ask a Room Rep for more details.

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