What a Pot !!! Steel wheel vs Quads !!







In what has to be the sickest pot of the whole tournament. Shock and awe !

Ross raises 85K pre-flop, David calls.

Flop – 234 (all spades). Check. Check

Turn – 7d

David leads out 75K…Ross calls.

River – 7c

David bets 135…Ross thinks then tanks then re-raises 300K more. Now it’s David turn to think..and think..and think…and then re-raises 500K more. Ross snap calls thinking David only has a flush. Come to find out David held the A5 of spades to give a Steel Wheel.


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Event #13 – Level 24 15k/30K 3k ante

David and Ross tangled in a pot which did not work well for Ross. David raised preflop, Ross re-raises to 155k. David calls.

Flop – 3c 6d 7c

Ross fires out 115K, David calls.

Turn – 5h

David puts out a large enough bet to have Ross think for a few. Then Ross decides to muck. Down to 1.4M

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Main Event – Jia Liu – 7th Place – $5965


In our 2nd Million+ pot involed Jia, RogerPalombizio, and David Grandieri. Jia goes All-in…Roger calls….now David thinks for 3 minutes then he re-pops putting Roger in the tank before he calls.

Jia – 77

Roger -88

David – KK

Board – 6-9-2/J/10

Pot awarded to David…now has 1.2M  

Congrats to Jia on cashing and good luck to him as he goes back out to the WSOP Main Event. We wish you the best !

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