Sunday Super Special 30K Tournament is only 4 days away !


Super Sunday Tournament
Don’t forget that this Sunday, Mohegan Sun will have its monthly 30K Tournament in the Poker Room at 10:00am. 
For a $330 Buy-In, you will get 30K in chips and blind levels go up every 30 minutes. We strongly recommend buying your ticket early so you won’t get shut out of this large event. Last month we had 244 players and 1st place took home nearly $15,000 !

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Results from Wednesday 10K Tournament on 3.14.12


Guaranteed Poker Tournaments

  Participants: 108      
  Prize Pool : $10,476        
  Name City   Prize Amount
1 N/A      $      1,896.00
2 N/A      $      1,896.00
3 N/A      $      1,896.00
4 N/A      $         838.00
5 Paul Darden New Haven CT  $         681.00
6 N/A      $         576.00
7 Jose Alicea Quaker Hill CT  $         471.00
8 N/A      $         367.00
9 Andy Jones Preston CT  $         330.00
10 Andre Laje Providence RI  $         293.00
11 N/A Palmer MA  $         262.00
12 Mark Perry  Chesire CT  $         262.00
13 N/A      $         236.00
14 N/A      $         236.00
15 Ellen Caron Cranston RI  $         236.00

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March 15th Tournament Schedule


Daily Tournaments   Guaranteed Poker Tournaments

12:12am $60 w/ $20 Add-On

10:00am $80 – 4K Guarantee — 10K/15 minute   Unlimited Re-Buys til Level 4

2:00pm $60 w/ $20 Add-On

7:30pm $100 Bounty ($25 Bounty)

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March High Hand Jackpot Payout as of March 12th, 2012 — $109,855.00



High Hand Collection Periods & Qualifying Periods

Mohegan Sun has returned more than $1,800,000 back to our players since August 1st….you could be our next winner !!

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Flop a Royal Flush Promotion resumes today at 6am with the Jackpot at $1000.00


Royal Flush

Play in any Mohegan Sun cash game or daily poker tournament to qualify for a Royal Flush prize.

Be the first player to flop a Royal Flush and win $1,000. Each week the jackpot will increase by $1,000 until a Royal Flush is flopped or the Jackpot reaches $24,000. Players who make a Royal Flush using one card in their hand will receive a $10.00 food comp. Players who make a Royal Flush using two cards in their hand will receive a $25.00 gas card.

Conditions to qualify for the Mohegan Sun Flop a Royal Flush Promotion »

  • Two or more players must be dealt into the hand
  • There shall be no minimum qualifying pot
  • The hand does not have to be played to completion
  • The deal must be valid and a flop must take place to qualify
  • Mixed games, Omaha and Seven Card Stud shall be excluded from the flop a royal flush promotion, however will be included in the food comp and gas card
  • All Mohegan Sun Texas Hold’em and daily NLH poker tournaments will qualify
  • Major and special poker tournaments shall be excluded from this promotion
  • The promotion will end for that week once a royal flush has been flopped
  • In the event two royal flushes are flopped and it cannot be determined which hand hit first, the prize payout will be divided evenly amongst the winners
  • Once the jackpot reaches $24,000 it will be frozen until hit
  • Players must provide valid government identification for their hand to qualify
  • Players shall have thirty minutes to produce valid government photo identification, if the player cannot produce valid identification once the 30 minutes has passed, the hand shall be deemed invalid and the promotion shall continue
  • This is a Mohegan Sun funded promotion


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Results from Saturday 10K Guarantee on 3.10.12


Guaranteed Poker Tournaments

  Participants: 131      
  Prize Pool : $15,884        
  Name City   Prize Amount
1 John Phelps W. Hempstead NY  $      3,500.00
2 N/A      $      2,563.00
3 N/A      $      2,563.00
4 Vesel Haxhillary Waterbury CT  $      1,271.00
5 William Pappas Boston MA  $      1,032.00
6 Nankuma Nemdhari Simsbury CT  $         874.00
7 Thomas Gervais Wethersfield CT  $         715.00
8 Michelle Joeckel Bristol CT  $         556.00
9 Michael Clemente W. Warwick RI  $         500.00
10 N/A      $         445.00
11 Robert Simkiss Palmer MA  $         397.00
12 Michael Lanuk Norwalk CT  $         397.00
13 Bruce Fulton Watertown MA  $         357.00
14 Henry Anchundi Bronx NY  $         357.00
15 Charles Mahan Plainville CT  $         357.00

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March 12th Tournament Schedule


Daily Tournaments  Guaranteed Poker Tournaments

12:12am — $60 NLH

10:00am — $85 Bounty ($25 Bounty)

2:00pm — $80 w/ $20 Add-On — 4K Guarantee — 8K/ 20 Min — Add-On for 4K more in chips

7:30pm — $100 w/ $20 Add-On


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