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Keep your emotions in check. Play rationally. Keep your cool. One of the most popular and engaging card games, poker offers players a chance to test their skills against each other.

With over 40 tables in a state-of-the-art room, Mohegan Sun's Casino of the Wind is the East Coast's premier destination for poker! Featuring an array of games such as Omaha, Texas Hold 'Em and Seven-Card Stud, Mohegan Sun's got the game for every enthusiast.


10:42 pm

Congrats to Mike Guzzardi for placing 9th in our Fall Showdown $250, 20K Guarantee Event!

Mike took down a prize of $686

Mohegan Sun’s $250 20k Guarantee Bubble time!!!

07:36 pm

We are now on the bubble with 16 players left in this event, top 15 will get paid cash prizes!

Tournament players are competing in level 17.

Blinds are at 1000/4000/8000

Stay tuned for more action at the Mohegan Sun 2014 Fall Showdown!

Level 23 update

07:21 pm

Tournament players are live in level 23 with now only 13 players left!

Blinds are currently 2000/8000/16000!

The average stack size is 453,846

Stay tuned as we get closer to the final table at Mohegan Sun’s #fallshowdown2014

Scott Byron doubles up to over 295k!!!

07:12 pm

Scott Byron ships it for a 147k all in with A♥Q♠ against his opponents K♥Q♥

The board ran out  8♥7♣Q♦2♥J♠

Scott took down an double up with his top pair with ace kicker!

Stay tuned for more updates for this year’s Mohegan Sun Fall Showdown at #fallshowdown2014

Picture Time

05:53 pm

Everyone’s loving having their picture taken, so here you all go.

Allen Riano, competing in Event 1, wanted his daughter to see him  “grinding it out” on table 1.

Everyone in Event 1 is on dinner break until 6:05 pm 


Event 6 chip leader Je Wook Oh

Je is trying to rack up approximately 350,000 as they break his table. He’s the one to beat right now.


A couple of players on table 2 in Event 6 are posing for a cute picture, can you guys come up with a caption for me?

Tweet your responses at #fallshowdown2014.


This just in ….

04:59 pm


Event 1 Update:

19 players are still battling it out for the remaining prize pool.

They are playing Level 21: 1,000 antes with 5,000/10,000 blinds

They will redraw for seats at 18 players.

Also taking a hour long dinner break in about 15 minutes.


Event 6 Update:

25 players carefully playing for the top 15 prizes in today’s $250 NLH.

They are playing Level 13: 300 antes, 1,200/2,400 blinds.

Dinner Break is one hour after Level 16.


Step 2 Satellite Update:

8 players will advance to tomorrow’s Main Event, but we still have 21 hopeful players.

Action on the Last Three Event 1 Tables

04:35 pm



We see Tom Panzella still fighting the good fight at table 3 with approximately 250,000 chips.

Action is slow but steady on table 1. Colby Lawler is holding strong with 287,000.

 Chip totals are the strongest on table 3 with Mikhail Alkhazou working with 285,000

and Mike Raschilla still dominating the competition with 680,000.

Good Luck to all our featured players!


Event Updates

04:06 pm

Event 1 Update:

  • Level 20 Blinds are 4,000/8,000 with 1,000 antes
  • 21 players left

Joe Sweeney, cash room extraordinaire, placed 23rd in Event 1 for a total of  $907.

Event 6 Update:

  • Level 11 Blinds are 800/1,600 with 200 antes
  • 43 players remaining


Prize Pool for Event 6: $250 NLH 20K Guarantee

03:52 pm


Fall Showdown Event 6 $250 NLH 20K Guarantee Tournament
Participants:                           120 Prize Pool:  $25,608
1st $6,863.00
2nd  $4,807.00
3rd $3,091.00
4th $2,289.00
5th $1,716.00
6th $1,373.00
7th $1,142.00
8th $914.00
9th $686.00
10th $499.00
11th $499.00
12th $499.00
13th $410.00
14th $410.00
15th $410.00




2 pm $250 Satellite has begun!

02:22 pm

Promptly at 2 pm, we started our last scheduled Step 2 Satellite for tomorrow’s Main Event

Event Details:

  • 10,00o in chips
  • 20 minute blinds
  • 1- 5 will advance to Main Event
  • Only 4 levels of late registration — no re-entries
  • 26 entries so far

Candid shots of players in the Satellite Tournament: