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Keep your emotions in check. Play rationally. Keep your cool. One of the most popular and engaging card games, poker offers players a chance to test their skills against each other.

With over 40 tables in a state-of-the-art room, Mohegan Sun's Casino of the Wind is the East Coast's premier destination for poker! Featuring an array of games such as Omaha, Texas Hold 'Em and Seven-Card Stud, Mohegan Sun's got the game for every enthusiast.

Big Nuts Bets by Marsel Backa #fallshowdown2014

11:32 pm

On the turn card, Marsel Backa takes the value out of his opponents 20k value bet by re-raising him a full 100k!

The 6♦6♥J♥5♠  board only made it to the turn card when Marsel’s monster raise scares off the 1 seat and secures him the 85k pot!

He then shows the A♥Q♥ nut flush draw that didn’t even need to connect for the win!

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Mohegan Sun $1100 Main Event Player – Joe Starratt

11:06 pm

 Joe Starratt from Brockton, MA is no stranger to the Mohegan Sun Showdown Tournament Series!

He has battled it out in many of our previous events such as the 2012 DeepStacks National Championship, and the 2013 DeepStacks World Championship.

Riding the roller coaster of poker, Joe has gone from 28k to now 145K and climbing!

Perhaps Joe’s “Star” power will propel him deeper into this event closer towards the top prize of $39,801

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Level 14 higher and higher at #fallshowdown2014

10:53 pm

Now down to 45 players in Mohegan Sun’s 2014 Fall Showdown $1100 Main Event!

The blinds have reached 200/800/1600

Average chip stack is now up to 91,667

BIG CHIP STax 2014 Fall Showdown $1100 Main Event!!!

09:48 pm

Ken Frey of table 4 is stacking up the baby blue and beige colored chips stacking nearly 300K!!!

Sang Thai of table 3 has been stacking away his tournament earnings now up to over 230k!!!

Fall Showdown players are currently battling it out now at the end of level 13 with 10 minutes left!

There are 54 players left in the event.

The blinds are 200/800/1600

Average chip stack is 91,667!

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Keep on grinding at #fallshowdown2014

08:53 pm

The 2014 Fall Showdown $1100 Main Event keeps on grinding closer and closer to the money as players fearlessly put their tournament lives on the line. 

Currently there are 63 players left in the event!

Blinds are in level 12 at 200/600/1200

The average chip stack is now 78,571

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Fall Showdown Main Event Tournament Tables #fallshowdown2014

07:49 pm

Fall Showdown Tournament Table 1

Fall Showdown Tournament Table 2

Fall Showdown Tournament Table 3

Fall Showdown Tournament Table 4

Fall Showdown Tournament Table 5

Fall Showdown Tournament Table 6

Fall Showdown Tournament Table 7

Fall Showdown Tournament Table 8




Level 11 brings up the stakes

07:34 pm

Poker players are now live in level 11!

Currently there are 75 players on 8 tables.

The blinds are 100/500/1000.

Average chip stack is 64,286

Triple up for Cliff Aivaz on table 4!!! #fallshowdown2014

07:25 pm

Cliff Aivaz  up with a pair of Aces and Jacks against his opponents pair’s Kings, Queens, and Tens!!!

Pre flop we saw 4 players all in with 10♣10♠, K♥K♣, Q♥Q♦, against Cliff’s A♣9♣

Cliff shipped it in for 22K and dodges all three over pairs with the board that ran out…


With a knockout and triple up his chip stack now totals just over 80k

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#FallShowdown2014 The Action is live!!!

07:04 pm

Tournament players are slowly grinding towards cash paying positions and the coveted final table which all players want to be a part of!!!

Currently there are 90 players left out of the field of 165.

We are playing in level 10 with blinds at 100/400/800.

The average chip stack is 55k

With 10 minutes left of this level, the pressure increases as the stakes rise higher and higher!!

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Main Event is back from Dinner

06:22 pm

Players have returned from dinner and play has commenced!

Level 10: Blinds are 400/800 with 100 antes.

Average chip stack: 50,510