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Keep your emotions in check. Play rationally. Keep your cool. One of the most popular and engaging card games, poker offers players a chance to test their skills against each other.

With over 40 tables in a state-of-the-art room, Mohegan Sun's Casino of the Wind is the East Coast's premier destination for poker! Featuring an array of games such as Omaha, Texas Hold 'Em and Seven-Card Stud, Mohegan Sun's got the game for every enthusiast.

Players are Falling Quickly in Level 17

01:04 pm

Since the beginning of play, we have lost 7 players in today’s Main Event.

Many all-in hands have been called in the last 50 minutes, like this one:

Petko Tsakov is smiling after taking out another player from today’s action.

Petko’s Hand: A 10

Seat 2’s Hand: 8 Q

Flop: 8 A J♥ 

Petko has top pair over Seat 2’s pair of Eights.

Turn: 4

River: 3

The remaining board cards are no help to Seat 2 and Petko takes the pot and betters his situation going into Level 18.

The 19 remaining players are now playing “hand for hand”.

Blinds are 2,500/5,000/500. Average chip stack is 224k.


Main Event Action

12:41 pm

Main Event action is now heating up!

Under the gun, MD White with approximately 80k in chips takes a shot to double up over Dilipkumar Petel with an all-in bet  preflop.

With Dilipkumar in similar chip position, he takes takes the risk and calls.










MD’s Hand: 9 10

Dilipkumar’s Hand: J Q

Flop: J 2 3

MD is great position with his flush draw against Dilipkumar pair of Jacks

Turn: 7

River: Q

In an exciting turn of events, Dilipkumar’s Queens over takes MD out of the tournament leaving 25 in action.

$300 NLH 30K Guarantee Update

11:58 am

Now in the Level 2, the entrants has risen to 107 with late registration through the end of Level 8.

Action is soon starting in the $1,100 Main Event, so coverage will focus throughout the day on those 28 remaining players.

Updates for the $300 NLH will be posting periodically via Twitter @mohegansunpoker with #springshowdown2015.





Today’s Final Schedule of Events

10:36 am

Event #13 $300 NLH 30K Guarantee

  • Starts at 11 am

  • 30,000 chips

  • 30 minutes blinds

  • Late registration/re-entries through the end of Level 8.

Event #12 $1,100 Main Event Day 2 (Closed to Registration)

  • 28 players remain

  • Play begins on Level 17 (2,000/4,000/500)

  • Average chip stack on tables: 152,143.

Good Luck to all our participants!

Main Event Seating and Chip Counts

10:28 am

Action ended after 12:00 midnight with 28 remaining players in last night’s $1,100 Main Event.

Day 2 will begin with Level 17 blinds (2,000/4,000/500) with the average chip stack said to be 151,000.

With a third of the field with 20 BB or less, players should be making moves to survive right out of the gate.

Here is the seating and chip counts for today’s Main Event: Our top ten finishers are highlighted in Red

Spring Showdown 2015 $1100 NLH 100K Guarantee        
DON  BLISS 1 1      139,500
DOMINICK PELLI 1 2      265,500
MICHAEL ORGETTAS 1 3      155,500
MATTHEW  WANTMAN 1 4      201,000
PETER CAMPO 1 5        90,000
RYAN METHIA 1 6      114,000
BART GUTHRIE 1 7        80,000
PETKO TSAKOV 1 8        65,000
ALBERTO SABOGALI 1 9        50,500
SIDNEY FARBO 1 10        73,500
MANUEL PINZON 2 1        54,500
DZAFER LUKOLIC 2 2      120,000
GERALD AIELLO 2 3      110,000
ROBERT PARDO 2 4        24,500
TED DRISCOLL 2 5      190,500
DAVID ANDERSON 2 6        66,000
JEWOOK OH 2 7      182,000
ANDREW BADECKER 2 8      500,500
JAMES CAMPBELL 2 9      166,500
MATTHEW KUBA 3 1      203,500
SOOKHA KACHITTAVONG 3 2      444,000
CHRIS KOSTOOLAS 3 3      107,000
MD WHITE 3 4        91,000
DILIPKUMAR PATEL 3 5        84,000
JEFF PICATAGGIO 3 6        57,500
DAVID KLUCHMAN 3 7      267,000
STEPHEN CHIOVARO 3 8      276,000
DAVID ESPINOLA 3 9      112,000

Main Event Update

05:59 pm

Main Event Players are now refueling for the push to Level 16 which will be the last level played for the night.

Coming back at 6:30, the remaining 82 players will be facing 400/800/100 blinds with the average chip stack sitting at 51,951.

We found our current two chip leaders sitting next to each other on Table 3.










Ryan Mostafa (left) has approximately 130,000 and Rob Pardo (right) is playing with approximately 119,000.

A few are carrying between 60,000 to 90,000, but most are well below the average.


Unfortunately, our daily tournament coverage must come to an end. But as always, if you have any questions regarding events during our Spring Showdown, don’t hesitate to contact us through Twitter at @mohegansunpoker with  #springshowdown2015.

Again, thank you for following  along with us today and we’ll join in again tomorrow

Main Event Player to Watch — Frankie Flowers

04:42 pm










Always smiling at the table, Frankie is the Player to Watch.

In a similar $1,200 Main Event at Foxwoods’ MegaStack Challenge in May, Frankie took 22nd place for $3,095. But if the cards land in his favor like they did in 2013, expect to see him take a much higher prize tomorrow.

In 2013, Frankie played in two events during the DeepStacks Poker Tour here and our sister location in Wilkes Barre, PA and took home a total of $9,353. Frankie has approximately double the average stack of 46,000.

Good Luck to Frankie!

Currently, we are in Level 9 (300/600/100) with 92 players in action.

Main Event Prize Pool

04:02 pm

As promised, we are presenting the prize pool for Event 12: $1,100 NLH

Spring Showdown 2015
Mohegan Sun
$1,100 Main Event NLH
Name Prize
1st $35,469.00
2nd  $24,835.00
3rd  $15,978.00
4th $11,832.00
5th  $8,870.00
6th  $7,094.00
7th  $5,895.00
8th  $4,724.00
9th $3,540.00
10th – 12th $2,576.00
13th – 15th $2,121.00
16th – 18th $1,804.00

Main Event Registration is Closed

04:00 pm








The 1,100 Main Event is now closed to registration and the remaining participants are now playing Level 7.

The average chip stack has grown to 40,571 and blinds are 200/400/50.

The prize pool is now being calculated and will be ready to post in a few minutes.

Stay tuned at @mohegansunpoker #springshowdown2015.

Main Event Update

02:50 pm

Nearing the end of Level 5, the entrants have grown to 130 with about 115 still fighting to stay alive in today’s $1,100 Main Event.

While posting the results from yesterday’s events, Twitter followers have been up to date level by level by using #springshowdown2015.

Join us on Twitter @mohegansunpoker to follow along in between blog site posts.

While we wait for registration to close, here are some candid shots of Table 13’s players already in the action here.

Nick waits for preflop action here on Table 13.

Marsel Backa has returned today to play in the Main Event. As you can see, he is feeling good going into Level 6.

We wish him luck into the later levels.