Sunday’s $300 NLH 30K Guarantee

01:17 pm

Here are the final results to our $300 NLH 30 K Guarantee Tournament plus a picture of our trophy winner Gerald Kalish

Festival Name Spring Showdown 2015
Venue Name Mohegan Sun
Venue City Uncasville 
Event # 13
Event Name $300 NLH
Start Date 08-Mar-15
No. of Entries  
No. of Rebuys  
Total Prize Pool  
Information Source  
Event Results
Place Name Prize
1st Gerald Kalish $6,147.00
2nd  Kinnon Smallbone $5,299.00
3rd  Justin Gamache $5,299.00
4th Joseph Rodriguez $5,299.00
5th  Daniel Nelson $5,299.00
6th  William Miller $5,299.00
7th  Michael Caputo $5,299.00
8th  Dominick Pelli $5,299.00
9th Patrick Keaveny $1,334.00
10th  Gedion Agaezt $976.00
11th  Jimmy Nunez $976.00
12th Raymond Hicks $976.00
13th Laszlo Madar $800.00
14th Scott Reynolds $800.00
15th David Espinola $800.00
16th Kippery Bochain $681.00
17th Jovy Ounthongdy $681.00
18th Steven Weeks $681.00
19th Keith Gilbert $596.00
20th  Willaim Anson $596.00
21st Timothy Lein $596.00
22nd  Jeffrey Papciak $533.00
23rd  Seung Hwa Lee $533.00
24th  Welther Marmol $533.00
25th  Richard Rossi $471.00
26th  Richard Kerman $471.00
27th  Thomas Walsh $471.00

Main Event Winners Results

12:46 pm

Here are the final results of the Spring Showdown 2015 $1,100 Main Event:

Festival Name Spring Showdown 2015
Venue Name Mohegan Sun
Venue City Uncasville 
Event # 12
Event Name $1,100 Main Event NLH
Start Date 07-Mar-15
No. of Entries 142
No. of Rebuys  
Total Prize Pool $137,740.00
Information Source  
Event Results
Place Name Prize
1st Andrew Badecker   $35,469.00
2nd  David Kluchman   $24,835.00
3rd  Peter Campo   $15,978.00
4th Matthew Wantman   $11,832.00
5th  Soukha Kachittavong   $8,870.00
6th  Stephen Chiovaro   $7,094.00
7th  Ted Driscoll   $5,895.00
8th  James Campbell   $4,724.00
9th Dilipkumar Patel   $3,540.00
10th  Sidney Farber   $2,576.00
11th  Je Wook Oh   $2,576.00
12th Petko Tsakov   $2,576.00
13th Donald Bliss   $2,121.00
14th Michael Orgetta   $2,121.00
15th Dominick Pelli   $2,121.00
16th Bart Guthrie   $1,804.00
17th CD Kostoulas   $1,804.00
18th Ryan Methia   $1,804.00

Main Event Final Winners cont.

07:39 pm

The Main Event ended with Heads Up action between Andrew Badecker and David Kluchman, Day 2’s original Chip Leaders.

Flop: 9 3 8


Andrew: 9 8

David: 8 5


With antes and blinds called into the pot, Andrew opens with 20k then raised to 75k.

Andrew reraises to 220k only for David to fire back with 500k.

Andrew takes control of the hand and pushes his stack in, David calls.

Turn: 6

River: J

Andrew takes the event with Nines and Eights!


Congratulations to David for his 2nd place win. David takes home $24,835.












Congratulations Andrew! He is our 1st place and trophy winner in our Spring Showdown Main Event and takes home the grand prize of $35,469.






Main Event Final Winners

06:57 pm

After 5th place received his payout, action quickly rapped up in this event.

Here are the 4th and 3rd place winners:

Matthew Wantman (no picture available)  takes 4th place for $11,832 today. Matthew is on a streak from January’s Borgata Winter Open $560 NLH where he took 1st place for a grander prize of $50,016.

Congratulations Matthew!


Peter Campo is our 3rd place finisher taking home a prize of $15,978.

Congratulations Peter and good luck in any future tournament opportunities!

Campo vs Kachittavong — Main Event 5th Place

05:36 pm

Peter Campo doubles up through Soukha Kachittavong in the following hand to keep his hopes alive versus a few million chip players.

Preflop Peter Campo pushes his 175k stack and Soukha looks to capitalize due to a few hands that have reduced his chip stack.

Peter: A K

Souhka: A 10








 Flop: Q 9 4

Soukha has a possible run at a flush with Peter in a more dominating position with AK.

Turn: 7

River: 9

Peter takes a sigh of relief as no diamonds developed on the turn or river to allow Peter to outkick Souhka and stack his chips to approximately 390,000.

The next hand Souhka (severly injured from the hand with Peter) loses to claim the 5th place prize of $8,870.










Congratualations to Soukha on both of his wins during our Spring Showdown 2015! He also took 6th place in the $300 Bounty last Sunday.

Soukha is on a roll this Winter with a $16,823 payday in December at Foxwoods’ MegaStack Challenge $1,650 event.



Main Event 6th Place — Stephen Chiovaro

04:50 pm

With three minutes left in Level 21, our 6th place winner exited the tournament











Stephen takes $7,094 for 6th place in today’s tournament improving on his 11th place win in October at Foxwoods’ World Poker Finals $1,650 NLH event for $3,809.

Congratulations Stephen and good luck in future outings!

Main Event 7th Place — Ted Driscoll

04:22 pm

Shortly after play commenced in Level 21, we lost another player.










Ted had an active year in 2014 placing in the money for 6 different events including $394,281 for a 2nd place finish in the WSOP $1,111 Event in Las Vegas.

Ted Driscoll took 7th place money for today’s efforts at $5,895.

Congratulations Ted and good luck in future events!

Main Event Final 7 Chip Counts

04:14 pm

Here is the final table chip counts as of Level 21:

Looks like David Kluchman and Andrew Badecker are still the players to beat going into the later levels.



Spring Showdown 2015 $1100 NLH 100K Guarantee      
PETER CAMPO 9 263,000
TED DRISCOLL 3 135,000
DAVID KLUCHMAN 1 1,200,000

$1,100 Main Event 8th and 9th Place

04:08 pm

We are now in Level 21 (5k,10k,1k) and the players have returned from break.

Before the break, we paid out our 8th and 9th place finishers.











Congratulations to James! He can add this to his list of great showings here in New England. Last October, James was 4th place in Foxwoods World Poker Finals $2,700 event to the tune of $45,018. Today he takes home $4,724.










Congratulations Dilipkumar! He takes home a prize of $3,540.

This prize adds to an impressive 2nd place win last month during Foxwoods’ Card Player Poker Tour for a payday of $70,000.

We will update the remaining seven players’ chip counts shortly.

$1,100 Main Event 10th Place — Sidney Farber

03:49 pm











Sidney Farber- 10th Place

In the 10th place showdown, Sidney Farber vs David Kluchman and his monster stack of approximately 700K.

Sidney: 8 8

David: J 10








Flop: A J K

David connects on the flop with Jacks over Sidney with a hope for an eight on the last two cards.

Turn: 2

River: J

The river seals the deal for David and Sidney leaves the tournament with a prize of $2,576.

Congratulations Sidney and Good Luck on further endeavors.