Rob Georato takes down a quick 14k pot!

08:56 pm

Rob Georato - 56k

Sitting in the 1 seat, Rob leads out with a raise of 2400, later re-raised by the 4 seat to 5200.

Rob calls for 5200 with 5♣5♠ and flops A510

Both players check the turn 2, and check the river 8♣.

Showdown brings Rob his victory with his set versus his opponent’s Q♣Q

Stay tuned for more updates as Mohegan Sun’s 2014 Summer Showdown progresses though the night!

David Whalen takes down a 20k All-In

08:32 pm

David Whalen

David Whalen just reached 2nd in chips by picking up another 20k from an all-in, winning with a set of 4’s.  David now has just over 300k in chips, slightly behind tournament chip leader John Reinhardt with 375k.

Stay tuned for more updates at #summershowdown2014

Level 12 Blinds 600/1200/200

08:21 pm

Blinds are up now to 600/1200/200

There are now 71 Players left in the tournament.

The average chip stack is 70,417.

10 Minute Break #SummerShowdown2014

08:10 pm

Break Time!

After level 11 we have entered into the 10 minute break before we get back in action in the Mohegan Sun 2014 Summer Showdown’s $1100 Main Event.

Mike Clemente Doubles Up Over 85K!

08:03 pm

Mike Clemente - 85k

Mohegan Sun tournament player Mike Clemente doubles up over 85k with two pairs, aces and queens!

Awaiting Showdown

Mike catches an ace on the turn card and spikes the queen on the river.

He then shoves all-in with the rest of his stack for 42,500 and gets the call.

At showdown the other player mucked, allowing Mike to take down the pot!

Jon Reinhardt Is Our New Chip Leader #SummerShowdown2014

07:31 pm

Jon Reinhardt - 300k

A familiar face to the Mohegan Sun Showdown tournament series is Jon Reinhardt.

Jon now holds 1st in chips over David Whalen with nearly a 300k stack!

Jon placed 4th in the 2013 Mohegan Sun Deepstacks Main Event and will be looking to challenge his competitors with his chip lead in today’s 100k Guarantee.

Level 11 Blinds 500/1000/100

07:24 pm

Mohegan Sun 2014 Summer Showdown

Blind levels are increasing in level 11 to 500/1000/100!

Average chip stack is 55,714

There are 93 players left in the Summer Showdown $1100 Main Event!

Showdown Chip Leaders

07:14 pm

Tournament players have risen above and beyond the chip average of 50,109.

The top 3 chip leaders so far in the main event include:

David Whalen - 164k

On table 14 seat 7 sits the chip leader David Whalen at 164k!

Carlos Solerti - 155k

Carlos Solerti of table 8 seat 6 maintains 2nd with 155k!

Justin Adams - 122k

Justin Adams of table 3 seat 7 holds 3rd in chips with 122k!

Stay tuned for more updates as the Mohegan Sun Summer Showdown 2014 continues!

Cards are back in the air!! #summershowdown2014

06:43 pm

2014 Summer Showdown $1100 Main Event

We are currently live in level 10 with blinds at 400/800/100!

The average chip stack is 47,830.

Out of 169 Player field there are 108 left competing for their share of $163,930 prize pool.

Stay tuned as we provide updates through the duration of the event.

Sunday’s schedule

05:22 pm

Sunday’s Event  will start at 11am with two events:

Ladies $185 event. This will have 20K in chips and 30 minute blinds.

$33o No Limit (re-entry for 8 levels) 30K guarantee. This will have 15K in chips and 30 minute blinds.


Day 2 of the $1,100 event will start at 12pm.