Cards are in the air for level 9 #springshowdown

07:31 pm


Poker players are now competing in level 9 of the Spring Showdown $1100 main event.

Currently the blind are now 300/600/100

Average chip stack is 49,756

There are 123 players left in the event fighting for the top prize.

Dinner Break #Springshowdown

06:19 pm

Poker players in the Spring Showdown’s $1100 main event are now on a dinner break for 1 hour and 15 minutes!

The action will continue as soon as we return in level 9.

David Stefanski knocks out Justin Vargo #springshowdown

06:05 pm


David Stefanski takes Justin Vargo all in through the turn and river for the knockout.

David’s A♥Q♣ lands a pair on the flop 7♥A♣2♣, turns 6♠, and river 9


Justin said he played A♠J♥ but quickly folded as soon as he saw David table his pair of aces with queen kicker.

On the poker table, David is known by some players as “The Greatest oF All Time” #goat

Stay tuned for more updates as “The Greatest of All Time” continues!!


4 way all-in busts 1 player

05:39 pm


After all the action was done, I called over to take a picture of a 4-way all…which ended up busting 1 player.

Flopping bottom set vs 1 flush draw vs 1 AxKx vs AxQx gives Robert Melo the win and about 215k in chips.

kk v 22 chops the pot #springshowdown

05:33 pm

In the rare instance that a pair of kings can chop a pot with deuces, players on table #4 in seats 9 and 10 managed to make it happen!

Stay tuned for more coverage as the Spring Showdown’s $1100 main event continues on!

Main Event Prizepool

05:14 pm

Players : 204      
Prize Pool: $197,880        
Name     Prize Amount
1st Place      $          47,787.00
2nd Place      $          33,501.00
3rd Place      $          21,529.00
4th Place      $          15,949.00
5th Place      $          11,972.00
6th Place      $            9,577.00
7th Place      $            7,955.00
8th Place      $            6,372.00
9th Place      $            4,769.00
10th Place      $            3,483.00
11th – 12th Place      $            3,483.00
13th – 15th Place      $            2,869.00
16th – 18th Place      $            2,434.00
19th – 21st Place      $            2,137.00
22nd – 24th Place      $            1,900.00

Philippe Casciola is our new chip leader

04:49 pm


Chip Leader Casciola - 160k

He is currently at 160k.

Level 7…200/400/50

04:35 pm

Players have returned from break and are playing 2 more level until dinner.

No one has reached 100k but a few are near.

To be continued….

Ending Level 5…one more level to buy your ticket

03:33 pm

Level 6 is approaching (150/300/25).

This will be the last level to buy in so don’t wait.

190 players have registered.

Coming up and 2nd break of the day..

02:33 pm

time to stretch the legs for 10 minutes !!