High Heels Poker Tour Final Table #Springshowdown

08:42 pm

We have reached the final table for our Spring Showdown’s HHPT Event!

We would like to congratulate the following ladies on making their final table!

Seat 1.  Pam Kelly

Seat 2.  Laurie Walker

Seat 3. Judith Bielan

Seat 4.  Joyce Ciotti

Seat 5.  Karen Schmidt

Seat 6.  Joan Bendetti

Seat 7.  Britt Korsman

Seat 8.  Stacy Sullivan

Seat 9.  Nancy Martin

Seat 10.  Kristine Richards

Muhammud Rahim calls to get the knockout #springshowdown

08:23 pm

Muhammud Rahim of table 1 seat 4 knocks out the player in the 2 seat for over 200k!

Muhammud scoops the all in with a pair of kings in the window, bringing us 1 step closer to a final table!

Currently there are 16 players left in the $1100 event.

Top Three Chip Leaders in level 21 #Springshowdown

08:08 pm

The top three chip leaders in the Spring Showdown’s $1100 event!

Andrew Gileno – 1,160,000

Dena Pearlman – 700,000

Linsford Geddes – 650,000

Level 21 Blinds 5000/10000/1000

07:38 pm


Table #1

Table #2

Two final two tables left in the Spring Showdown’s $1100 main event is now in progress in level 21!

The blinds are 5000/10000/1000

Best of luck to the 18 players left!

Break Time #Springshowdown

06:53 pm

Poker players are enjoying a 1 hour dinner break and will return to level 21!

Currently there are now 18 players remaining in the event.

The average chip stack is 340k

Stay tuned for more updates when we return!

Chris Amaral doubles up with a pair of queens #springshowdown

06:28 pm

Chris Amaral doubles up to 244k with a pair of queens!

Chip and a chair…is all you need

06:13 pm


Chris Amaral - Loving life

Down to last big blind before the bubble bust, Chris Amaral was almost down and out for the tournament until he double double his stack and his now just over 100k.

Patience is a virtue sometimes…Good luck to Chris.

David Stefanski bursts the bubble player and takes another 68k

06:08 pm


David Stefanski knocked out Kyle Merron for 68k on the bubble!

Merron pushed all in for 68k with A♣Q♠

Stefanski calls the all in with A♦K♠

The board read 10♦6♠J♠4♠10♣

Stefanski wins the pot with ace king high!

With now 24 players left we will have to wait and see who takes the money in today’s $1100 event

Level 20 Blinds are up 4000/8000/1000

05:46 pm


Poker players in our day 2 of the $1100 main event are now competing in level 20!

The blind levels are 4000/8000/1000

There are currently 25 players left!

The average chip stack is 244,800

Carlo doubles up through Aaron Soucy

05:10 pm

Getting low on chips in late position Carlo S. goes all-in with pocket 9s and gets called by Aaron Soucy’s pocket 8s.

No 8 on the board help Carlo and is back to around 100k.

The marathon bubble continues……