Random chip counts….

02:50 pm

DeepStacks Poker Tour

Chino Rheem – 330k

Tim Reilly – 186k

David Lau – 258k

Jamie Kerstetter – 220k

53 players remain…30 minutes left on Level 13

Justin @stealthmonk eliminated…

02:43 pm

DeepStacks Poker Tour

After losing that huge pot vs Dakota, Justin ships it 2 hands later and Liam He knocks him out to make a broadway from what a spector came over to tell us.

Dakota Double through Schwartz

02:38 pm

DeepStacks Poker Tour

Facing a raise of 14k from Justin Schwartz, Steve “Dakota” Happas shoves for his tournament life with his last 50.4k.

Justin calls and shows 88 while Steve is in the lead with QQ.

With a Jack high board and no 8 to help Justin, Steve, doubles and is near 115k






Level 13 underway

02:18 pm


1.2./2.4/300 ante…..58 players

First break of the afternoon

02:03 pm

15 minute breather…ahhhhh

Last Woman standing…

01:59 pm

Jamie @JamieKerstetter Kerstetter, from New Jersey, is the lone woman left in the tournament. She currently has 180k and with 62 players remaining, is looking to not only cash but to make it to the final table.

Notables who have busted on Day 2…

01:39 pm

DeepStacks Poker Tour


David Paredes

John DiBella

Bobby “The Bus” Ferdinand

Matthew Kuba

Halfway through Level 12…

01:27 pm


69 players remain as we hit the 30 minute mark in Level 12.

Cliff Goldkind 4 bets preflop and wins…

12:45 pm

  DeepStacks Poker Tour

David “Chino” Rheem starts the action by raising 4k. He gets one caller then 2012 WSOP braclet winner Cliff Goldkind raises to 13k.  Chino 3-bets to 25k…forcing Gennady Kostrov to fold and Matt 4-bets to 42k.

David thinks…looks at his cards…does more thinking and then folds.

Waxman takes a pot from DiBella

12:24 pm

  DeepStacks Poker Tour

In a battle of the blinds,John DiBella, from the small blind, raised 3.8k…Big Blind Matt Waxman calls.

Flop goes 3♠, Q♥, 10♥.  John bets 5.2k…Matt calls.

Turn is the 2♠. John checks..Matt bets 6.6k. John folds.

Waxman is nearing 60k.