Level 23 – 15k/30k/3k ante….IMPORTANT NEWS….

02:42 am

DeepStacks Poker Tour

IF we do not get down to 6 players AFTER THIS LEVEL, all players will come back to the Poker Room at 2pm UNTIL WE MAKE 6 players.

Then, at which time, we will go to the Cabaret Theatre for the TV taping.

Cashers 12th – 19th

02:11 am

DeepStacks Poker Tour

12 Tom Thomas Alberton NY  $        9,478.00
13 David Rheem Los Angeles CA  $        7,770.00
14 Jason Calnan Revere MA  $        7,770.00
15 James Kousouros Biarcliff Manor NY  $        7,770.00
16 Nikunj Gandhi Stamford CT  $        6,613.00
17 Stephen Baines Highland NY  $        6,613.00
18 Liam He Tyngsborough MA  $        6,613.00
19 Tim Reilly Natick MA  $        5,786.00

Currently in a holding pattern at 11 players

01:53 am

DeepStacks Poker Tour

Jonathan Reinhardt is currently the chip leader with 1.8M in chips on the feature table. Onc more person we will have “Final Table” but we will still be playing til we get to 6 players.

Level 21 – 8k/16k/2k ante

12:22 am

DeepStacks Poker Tour

Still at 16 players…can anyone bring coffee and donuts ?

3-way all-in….3-way Ace/King

11:41 pm

DeepStacks Poker Tour

After seeing Jason Calnan go all-in, Jia Liu flat called only to have Chino go all-in for only 100k more.

All turned over Ax Kx, however Jia had Ad Kd.

Chop pot..nuff said?

Tim Reilly out in 19th…Down to two tables…

11:21 pm


18 remain.

Tim got it in pre-flop with Ax Qx vs Jia Liu’s Qx 6x and when a 6 hits on the flop…that’s all for Tim.

Cashers – 20th – 27th

11:08 pm

DeepStacks Poker Tour

20 Ariel Albilia Syosset NY  $        5,786.00
21 Daryl Jace Saugus MA  $        5,786.00
22 Sean Hegarty West Barnstable MA  $        5,180.00
23 Arie Zinger Boston MA  $        5,180.00
24 Jamie Kerstetter Monore Twp. NJ  $        5,180.00
25 Jason Strasser New York NY  $        4,574.00
26 Steven Tabb Newton MA  $        4,574.00
27 R/N      $        4,574.00


Our 1st Million “Chip”aire

10:58 pm


The honor goes to Jonathan Reinhardt. Looking good to make it to the TV table.

Good Luck!

Doc Rawlinson picks up a 400K pot…

10:50 pm

DeepStacks Poker Tour

Jason Calnan raises 22k on the button only to be re-raised by Doc Rawlinson to 65k when the flop went Ah 10d jd.

The turn was the 4d.Doc checked…Jason went all-in. Not happy with the “All-in” Doc called showing Ax 3x for top pair and took it down to Jason’s busted straight and flush opportunities.

Now up to 465k.

21 players remain….

10:35 pm

Half way done with Level 19…

Top 3 chip counts…

Mike Nye – 600k

Mike Esposito – 600k

Chino Rheem – 535k