Eric Nomberg out in 10th, Ron Tenzyk in 9th.

08:32 pm


DeepStacks Poker Tour

In a matter of coin flip hands, Eric Nomberg lost when his AxJx lost to John Cavanaugh Ax 6x when John hits an eight high straight.

Ron is eliminated when his Ax Qx is dominated by Ax Kx by Vin Magilo.

Random Photos … #moheganDSPT

02:38 pm



Did you forget to watch the DeepStacks Final Table this week ??

05:39 am

DeepStacks Poker Tour

#MoheganDSPT @LIVEDeepstacks

All across New England for the past 5 days, you were able to watch the DeepStacks Poker Tour National Championship Final Table on NESN. Sunday night at 7pm is the last night that you will be able to watch it on TV.

Did you forget to TiVo or DVR it? Not a problem. DeepStacks has a link on their website so you can watch it 24/7 without commercials.

Go to:

For those who have watched it….we hoped you enjoyed the show and hope that you join us in March for the Patriot Poker Classic and also the National Championship late Fall 2013.


DeepStacks Poker Tour National Championship to be aired on NESN

02:34 am

 DeepStacks Poker Tour

Starting on Wednesday February 20th, NESN will air the Final Table of the DeepStacks Poker Tour National Championship Final Table. The Final Table was back on December 4th.

Here are the scheduled dates and times:

February 20th (Wed) – 8pm

February 21st (Thurs) – 5.30pm

February 22nd (Fri) – 2am

February 23rd (Saturday) 12a & 7pm

February 24 (Sunday) 12a & 7pm

Please check your local cable provider for channel number. You can also check on

Main Event – Results

10:15 pm

  Participants: 251        
  Prize Pool : $559,981      
  Name City   Prize Amount
1 Artyem Perlov Fort Lee NJ  $          108,864.00
2 Andrew Sherman-Ash East Lyme CT  $          100,000.00
3 Adam Bitker New Haven CT  $          70,000.00
4 David Stefanski East Lyme CT  $          70,000.00
5 Patrick Chan Brooklyn NY  $          33,599.00
6 Nicholas Palma Bronx NY  $          25,759.00
7 Peter Jankowski Dudley MA  $          18,759.00
8 Vineet Pahuja Hicksville NY  $          14,000.00
9 Joe Matos Stratford CT  $          11,480.00
10 Jeffrey Blake Rochester NH  $            9,520.00
11 Matthew Kuba Wallingford CT  $            7,560.00
12 James Campbell Marlborogh MA  $            7,560.00
13 Fabio D’Agata Needham MA  $            7,560.00
14 Jean Ellie Joseph Lexington MA  $            7,560.00
15 Carlo Sciannameo Worcester MA  $            7,560.00
16 Art Pappas Bethlehem CT  $            6,440.00
17 Justin Pechie Thompson CT  $            6,440.00
18 Bryan Leskowitz Leominster MA  $            6,440.00
19 Andew Devito Stamford CT  $            6,440.00
20 Tim Reilly Natick MA  $            6,440.00
21 Charles Saleba Worcester MA  $            5,600.00
22 Justin Schwartz Milford CT  $            5,600.00
23 Stephen McGuire Brighton MA  $            5,600.00
24 Edwin “Ted”Spencer Warwick RI  $            5,600.00
25 William Klevitz Greenwich CT  $            5,600.00 will cover the Final Day of reporting

11:35 pm

DeepStacks Poker Tour, an offical partner of the DeepStacks Poker Tour, will continue and finish the reporting of the TV table.

The person responsible for this blog site will be announcing the Final Table so he will be unable to give you coverage. We also want to say “Thank You very much” to Kevin “KevMath” Mathers for his fast tweets over the past few days and helping out our trusted blogger.

Just as a reminder, Tuesday’s TV table WILL BE LIVESTREAMED with a delay and you are encouraged to watch online (you WILL NOT SEE THE HOLE CARDS) or come down and expericence it LIVE. It all starts at 2pm est.


Chip Counts for the TV Table

11:33 pm

DeepStacks Poker Tour

Seat 1 – Art Perlov – 2.65M

Seat 2 – Nick Palma – 945K

Seat 3 – Andrew Sherman-Ash – 605K

Seat 4 – Patrick Chan – 970K

Seat 5 – Adam Bitker – 1.310M

Seat 6 – David Stefanski – 3.715M


Peter Janakowsi – 9th Place ($18,759)

11:28 pm

DeepStacks Poker Tour

We are down to the TV 6…Peter went all in with Q9 vs David Stefanski’s AK.

Flop went A Q 9

Turn – K

River – K

Chip counts will come shortly

Chip Counts as we go to down to 7 players

11:01 pm



DeepStacks Poker Tour

Level 26 – 20k/40k 5k ante
1   Artyem Perlov 2,950,000
2  David Stefanski 2,765,000
3  Adam Bitker 1,455,000
4  Andrew Sherman-Ash 1,325,000
5  Patrick Chan 1,030,000
6  Nicholas Palma 480,000
7 Peter Jankowski 360,000

Read more:

Vinny Pahuja – 8th Place ($14,000)

10:50 pm

DeepStacks Poker Tour

Being shorted stack for the past hour,  Vin shoves against A8 offsuit vs Art Perlov’s AQ off.

A Queen hits the river and we are now down 7.

All 7 will play on 1 table and the next one eliminated will not be on the TV table.