No Tournament Coverage Tonight

06:51 pm







As mentioned in the start of reporting post, there will no be continuing coverage for the $400 Day 1B Tournaments due to unavailability of our Night Shift Blogger. He has become a new father and will be busy taking care of his family.

Thank you for following along with us today. But before we go, we took a look at the chip counts while the $400 1B players were on dinner break and would like to leave you with this.

Over half of the current field has less than 35,000 in chips in the start of Level 10 (500/1000/100). The players goal is to outlast the next five levels to tough it out with Day 1A’s 15 contenders for the $69,840 prize pool.

Here are the current chip leaders. Thank you and Good Night!


Event 19: $400 NLH Event
Day 1B Chip Leaders
Player’s Name Chip Count
Johnny Lau 143,400
Gennady Kotlyarenko 117,300
David Whalen 113,200

Player to Watch: Tarun Gulati

05:33 pm

Tarun Gulati is a very busy player










Tarun’s list of tournament prizes reads like a novel –he has placed in the money for nearly every month in 2014.

His largest paydays in 2014 came in July in a 14th place finish at the Venetian in Las Vegas during the Deepstack Extravaganza iii $1,100 Event for a cool $17,225 and then replicated this win at Foxwoods in October during their World Poker Finals $1,100 Event for $14,000.

Now playing Table 1 Seat 2, Tarun is holding the average chip stack of 50,000 and looks patient and observant as the competitors are eliminated one by one.

Playing in Level 9, 40 grinders are playing their way through the original field of 100.

After Level 9, the players will get a 1 hour dinner break when we will review the current chip leaders at the tables.



Event 9: $400 NLH Tournament Prize Pool

04:34 pm

With the field shrinking at a quick pace, we are now down to 53 players with an average stack of 38,461.

The players will take an hour dinner break after Level 9.

As promised, here is the prizes worth fighting for in the $400 NLH.

Event 9: $400 NLH  Event
Total Prize Pool: $69,840
Place   Prize Amount
1   $16,868
2   $11,824
3   $7,599
4   $5,629
5   $4,225
6   $3,380
7   $2,808
8   $2,249
9   $1,683
10   $1,229
11   $1,229
12   $1,229
13   $1,013
14   $1,013
15   $1,013
16   $859
17   $859
18   $859
19   $754
20   $754
21   $754
22   $670
23   $670
24   $670


Event 9 Registration is Closed

03:57 pm

Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!

This picture looks like the snowy scene across Connecticut. With a Winter snowstorm storm currently impacting the New England area, the action will soon be heating up here in Event 9.

A better than expected number of 100 entrants are now reduced to 60 grinding it out to see who will be going against the 15 secured players for tomorrow’s Day 2 event. We did see a flurry of players joining in the action during the lull of the storm hoping to outlast their competitors while clean up crews do what they can to move snow and ice from the roads.

The average chip stack among the 15 from yesterday’s play is over 125,000, so today’s players need to carefully navigate through their competition in order to make it into the money on Friday.

The players are now in Level 7 with 300/600/75 blind levels. We will be posting the prize pool shortly.

As always, feel free to join in the conversation on Twitter with us @mohegansunpoker at #springshowdown2015.


Tonight’s Main Event Satellite Schedule

03:10 pm

There are only two opportunities left  to play in our Main Event Satellites for Saturday’s 11 am tournament.

You can choose to play tonight at 6 pm or tomorrow at 2 pm. Here are the details:

  • 1 in 5 qualify for Saturday’s 11 am Main Event

  • 10,000 in chips

  • 20 minute blinds

  • No re-entries

  • Late registration through the end of Level 4

Save some cash  and win your way into the Main Event.


Marsel Backa: Ready to Win

02:45 pm

Marsel Backa, posing for the win in November’s Fall Showdown 2014 $1,100 Main Event

Fresh from his win in January’s Card Player Tour $600 NLH Event, Marsel is very invested in today’s $400 1B. Marsel earned quite a payday from Foxwoods in the grand amount of $31,517.

Those who follow Marsel remember his Ten High Straight Flush over David Stefanski in our 2014 Fall Showdown in November. Marsel pocketed a grander prize from that event for $39,801.

He also took 4th place in the $600 NLH Foxwoods’ Mega Stack Challenge in December to the tune of $20,474.

Marsel is a charismastic player with dealers and other players and is expected to smile and take another picture in this event tomorrow.

Nearing the end of Level 5, we have grown to a total of 85 entrants. Blinds are now 150/300/25.






Update for Event 9 Day 1B

01:47 pm

We are now in Level 4 and our group of contenders has risen to 68 with 2 more levels of late registration.

Blinds are now 100/200


Review of Past Events — Event 9 $400 NLH Day 1 A

12:23 pm

Despite a decision to remove the 100K Guarantee from this event due to adverse weather during Day 1 B, we had 100 entrants taking a chance in yesterday’s $400 Buyin.

We are currently running Day 1B in Level 2 with 41 entrants with 4 levels left for late registration.

Here are the details for today’s $400 NLH Day 1B Tournament:

  • Players will start with 20,000 chips

  • Blind Levels are 40 minutes long

  • End of Day will be at the end of Level 14

  • Dinner Break is after Level 9

  • Players from 1A and 1B will return tomorrow at noon to play for the money


From a field of 100, the tournament played down also into the early morning hours and we have 15 entrants despite the hand that Mother Nature dealt them. Here is a list of the remaining opponents and their chip counts:

Event 9: $400 NLH Event
Day 1A Players
Player’s Name Chip Count
Jason Calnan 80,000
Djony Centelo 218,000
Nicholas Uchenick 53,000
William Frederick 90,000
Mark Perry 45,000
Louis Russo 105,000
Kip Bochain 77,000
Eric Hunte 259,000
Dominick Pelli 193,000
Sean Curtain 242,500
Ryan Babcock 192,500
David Espinola 169,000
David Chaves 90,500
Gary Medieros 108,000
Jennifer Barrile 100,000


Review of Past Events — Event 10 $120 NLH 10K Guarantee

12:05 pm

This Wednesday was no different than any given Wednesday here at Mohegan Sun. Despite the snow, we had 168 entries in our 10K Guarantee tournament at 7 pm last night. Playing into 2 am in the morning, the remaining three players agreed to a chop.

Again, thank you to all who fought the snow and ice to play in last night’s event.

Here are the results from the Event 10:

Event 10: $120 NLH 10K Guarantee Event
Total Prize Pool: $16,296
Place Player’s Name Prize Amount
1 Dilipkum P $3,500
2 Rohan L $2,609
3 Donald L $2,609
4 Luis R $1,353
5 David E $1,015
6 Gary F $812
7 Sebastian W $675
8 John P $541
9 Thomas C $404
10 Marc S $295
11 Michael C $295
12 Tanya C $295
13 Walter E $243
14 Scott L $243
15 Chul P $243
16 Richard Rossi $207
17 James R $207
18 Brian P $207
19 Mary Ann L $181
20 Michael B $181
21 Mark B $181

Review of Past Events — Event 8 $120 NLH Event

11:53 am

Unfortunately due to weather conditions, the 10K Guarantee was removed from this event. But regardless of the slippery weather conditions on the roads, we still had 67 hardy New Englanders participate in Event 8.

As in the Seniors Tournament, the top two agreed to a chop to end the evening.

Thank you to these participants for braving the ice and snow to join us Tuesday night.

Here are your results to Event 8:

Event 8: $120 NLH Event (3/3)
Total Prize Pool: $6,499
Place Player’s Name Prize Amount
1 Paul G $1,658
2 Richard Rossi $1,657
3 Seung Lee $877
4 John C $650
5 Tesfay Begazyon $487
6 Stephen O $390
7 Peter T $325
8 Uziel S $260
9 Russell L $195