Paging Mr Matos

12:51 pm


Level 15              
400 Ante 2000/4000 Blinds          
Joe Matos……where are you ???        
We have almost reached the 1st level for today and we are searching for Joe.  
26 Players remain            

Level 15 Update – Main Event

12:23 pm

Level 15                  
400 Ante 2000/4000 Blinds              
Matt Sciuto knocks one out               
Paul Wegzyn is in the small blind and goes all-in with AKos when he runs up against Matt’s pocket Q’s
Now down to 31… 18 cash !!            

Level 10 – Event 7 – The Chip Leader(s)

08:45 pm

Level 10              
100 ante   600/1200 blinds          
The Battle for Chip Leader has begun !!        
Len Cortellino has over 260K in chips while Charlie Davis is in a sound 2nd with 218K.
80 players are hanging tough.           
Stay tuned for more updates !!          

Level 9 – Return from Dinner

07:42 pm

7:30 PM      
Level 9   100 ante   500/1000 blinds
102 players remain    
Average Stack — 63,100  
Chip Leaders after Dinner :  
Rich Bourgoin – 210K    
Len Cortellino –  205K    
Chris Kirkwood – 150K    

Event 7 – Dinner time !!

06:21 pm

Everyone’s stomach is grumbling so the Tournament Director is going to let the players take a 90 minute break
Cards will be back in the air at 7:30pm !!            
Players will come back and play through level 14          

The Reaper is taking all the chips in sight

02:32 pm

Just ran into Bill Parker aka “The Reaper” from Princeton,NJ and is around 94k

Level 3 – Main Event – Big Double-Up early

01:57 pm

Level 3  100/200                                          
Just got a glance at one nice pot where the board read 2 5 9 8 rainbow.  Player in late position bet his last 26k+, Len Cortellino goes in the tank for a few minutes then calls.  LP shows 66 while Len shows 58 for 2 pair. River goes Jx.  Len is now over 94K .


These people mean business in the Main Event

01:23 pm


Just a few people found in the crowd !

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