Glen Wundeler – 5th PLACE SPRING SHOWDOWN $600 NLH ($7,690)

09:55 pm

Glen Wundeler

Congrats to Glen Wundeler for placing 5th in our Spring Showdown $600 NLH 100K Guarantee!

Glen took down a prize of $7,690

William Miller – 6th PLACE SPRING SHOWDOWN $600 NLH ($6,149)

09:47 pm

William Miller

Congrats to William Miller for placing 6th in our Spring Showdown $600 NLH 100K Guarantee!

William took down a prize of $6,149

Kevin Chang – 7th PLACE SPRING SHOWDOWN $600 NLH ($5,108)

09:22 pm

Kevin Chang


Congrats to Kevin Chang for placing 7th in our Spring Showdown $600 NLH 100K Guarantee!

Kevin took down a prize of $5,108

Level 18 $300 Bounty 30K Guarantee #Springshowdown2015

09:16 pm

Tournament players in the $300 Bounty Event are fighting for their place on the final table!

There are 14 players remaining out of the field of 202!

The blinds are 1,000/5,000/10,000

The chip average is 216,412

Stay tuned for when we break down into the final table at Mohegan Sun’s 2015 Spring Showdown!

Level 25 $600 NLH 100K Guarantee!

08:40 pm

Glen Wondeler and Kevin Chang


The remaining 8 players are still holding tight onto their chip stacks as blinds move up and stress starts to build.

The blinds are currently 4,000/12,000/24,000

The chip average is now 675,000

Stay tuned for more updates at #Springshowdown2015

Level 18 $175 Ladies Only Event!

08:11 pm

The Remaining 3 - $175 Ladies Only


Currently our 3 remaining ladies are fighting for their top prize of $1,921!

The blinds are 1,000/5,000/10,000

The chip average is 220,000!

Level 16 $300 Bounty 30K Guarantee!

08:05 pm

Tournament Players - Table 2 - $300 Bounty


There are now 25 players grinding on the bubble of the $300 bounty event that started earlier today at 11am!

The blinds are 500/3000/6000

The chip average is 108,214!

Stay tuned for more updates at #Springshowdown2015

Level 24 $600 NLH 100K #Springshowown2015

07:59 pm

Final Table - $600 NLH 100K Guarantee


We have been live in level 24 in Mohegan Sun’s 2015 Spring Showdown $600 NLH 100K Guarantee!

The blinds are currently 3k/10k/20k

The chip average is 675K

Stay tuned for more updates at #Springshowdown2015

Event 1 Winners List Continued

07:03 pm

Players are now underway in $600 Day 2 event. So while there is a break in the action, let’s reveal for the spectators winners in this tournament since the last update.

Event 1 Finishing Places 
Place Name City, State Prize
10 Brent Riehl Cheshire, Ct $2,235
11 David Anderson Holden, MA $2,235
12 Linsford Geddes Milton, MA $2,235
13 Robert Allain Gardner, MA $1,832
14 Hon Sung Lau Hicksville, NY $1,832
15 Zach Daly Stoneham, MA $1,832
16 Nicholas Cyr Quincy, MA $1,569
17 Brad St. Vincent Bristol, CT $1,569
18 James Beach Longmeadow, MA $1,569
19 James Campbell Marlboro, MA $1,374
20 Sammy Wu New York, NY $1,374
21 Kinnon Smallbone Uncasville, CT $1,374
22 Jim Procaccini Trumball, CT $1,222

$300 Bounty Chip Leaders

06:44 pm

Before the $600 Event 1 finishes their dinner break, we would like to feature our two chip leaders in the $ 300 Bounty Event 3.

With 39 left in play, the Bounty players will return from break shortly to play Level 13 at 1,200/2,400/300.

The average chip stack here is 77,692, but we found two players with nearly triple that count.

Table 3 is having a great time with Soukha Kachittavong. Although his chip stack at a cool 212,000 is quite intimidating to players working an average chip stack, Soukha’s smile and sense of humor keeps the action light and enjoyable.

Table 1 has the other chip leader in residence, Benoit Gariepy. Although Benoit’s demeanor is more reserved than Soukha, Benoit has earned the reputation as a serious and respectful player. Benoit’s approximate chip count is similar to Souhka’s at 216,000.

Good Luck to both players!