Seniors Event Prize Pool

04:43 pm

Seniors Event Level 11


  • Blinds are 800/1,600/200
  • 30 players remaining
  • Average Chip Stack: 45,500
  • 1 hour dinner break after Level 12

As promised, here is the finished prize pool for the $250 Seniors Event:

$250 Seniors Event
Prize Pool: $24,250
Entrants: 91
1 $6,828
2 $4,780
3 $3,072
4 $2,277
5 $1,707
6 $1,365
7 $1,137
8 $909
9 $684
10 $497
11 $497
12 $497

Seniors 50+ Tournament Update

04:00 pm

As reported on Twitter a few minutes ago, registration is now closed in today’s $250 NLH Seniors 50+ 25K Guarantee event.

We had a total of 91 entrants for today’s event, but currently have 45 left contending for the 25K prize pool.

We will post the prize pool shortly.


Joe Sweeney (pictured far left of the dealer) is quite the versatile poker player. Joe is successful at both cash no-limit holdem and tournament play with a few impressive tournament places under his belt.

Joe placed 4th in the 2012 Spring Showdown $1,100 Main Event for a payday of $11,790. The previous year, he took 9th place in the televised NAPT $10,000 High Roller Bounty Shootout here also at Mohegan Sun.

Good Luck to everyone as the fight it out for the 25K.


Super High Hand

03:26 pm

In our first full week of the Super High Hand, we have seen some impressive payouts.

Since the Super High Hand started at midnight on Saturday, we have paid out $13,588.

Here’s an example of some of our best payouts:

Sunday 12pm – 3 pm winner: $1016.00

Sunday 3pm – 6 pm winner: $1063.00

Monday 3 pm – 6 pm winner: $928

Monday 6 pm – 9 pm winner: $985

Monday 9 pm – 12 midnight: $941

This promotion runs every 3 hours every day of the week!

For more information, please speak to team member.

Seniors Event Update

02:59 pm

As the field narrows down from 85 to 56, there is only 22 minutes of late registration left in today’s $250 Seniors Event.

The players are now on Level 8 with 400/800/100 with an average stack of 24,000.


Tonight’s $120 NLH Tournament Update

02:14 pm

Due to inclement weather, we are removing the 10K Guarantee from the prize pool for tonight’s $120 NLH Tournament.

Thank you for your understanding during this Winter season.

Seniors Event Profiles

01:54 pm

Action is quiet and looks like there could be a bit of an overlay in today’s Senior Event, so we will profile a few players taking the plunge in today’s tournament.

Here we see Bill Miller and Roger Palombizio have a laughable moment on Table 3.

Both competitors were last seen battling it out in the $600 Event 1 100K Guarantee.

Bill took 6th place in Event 1 to the tune of $6,149 and Roger took 24th place for $1,222.

Good Luck to both in today’s action.

Massachusetts native Joe Starratt is also capitalizing on a earlier win this week in our $300 Bounty tournament on Sunday. With many area tournaments experience under his belt, Joe is not a player to underestimate. Joe placed 4th in November 2013 here during the DeepStacks Poker Tour in the $400 NLH event.


Currently the Seniors’ Event is in Level 6: 200/400/50 with 76 entrants, 64 remaining. 45 minutes of late registration.

Picture Time for Seniors 50+ Event

12:01 pm

While the field is building for today’s Seniors Event, we found some players taking a moment to enjoy the notoriety from being featured on our Blog Site.

Table 3 players:  David Taylor, John Truskow, Sal Leva and Tom Welch

Table 2 Players: Brian Hendrix, Paul Freedman, John Murphy, Joe Starratt, Steven Okula, and Michael Nye

Table 1 Players: John Gilmartin, John Derrico, Mark Lieberman, Tom Dyer, Russell Lipari, and  John Yale

We are now on Level 3 with 75/150 blinds and 61 entrants with 6 levels of late registration to go.

Good luck to all our participants!

Today’s Tournament Schedule

11:22 am

Here is the schedule of events for today March 3:

11 am $250 Seniors Event 50+

  • 25K Guaranteed Prize Pool
  • 15,000 chips
  • 30 minute blind levels
  • Late registration/re-entries through the end of Level 8

Clock has just started on this event and we currently have 38 entrants.


6 pm $250 Main Event Step 2 Satellite

  • 10,000 chips
  • 4 Levels of Late Registration
  • No re-entries
  • 1 in 5 players will qualify for Saturday’s $1,100 Main Event

Save some cash and win your opportunity to play in Saturday’s 100K Guarantee!


7 pm $120 NLH 10K Guarantee Event

  • 20,000 chips
  • 20 minute blind levels
  • Late registration/re-entries through the end of Level 8

If you would like to be part of the conversation on Twitter, use #springshowdown2015.

Event 6: $120 NLH 10K Guarantee Tournament

11:04 am

Lastly, we are here to report the results from last night’s final event of the day.

Well represented with 123 entrants, this series is expected to draw more entrants each day through Wednesday.

We will also host this tournament again tonight and Wednesday night at 7 pm during our Spring Showdown 2015.

Congratulations to these winners!

Festival Name Spring Showdown 2015
Venue Name Mohegan Sun
Venue City Uncasville 
Event # 6
Event Name $120 NLH Tournament
Start Date 02-Mar-15
No. of Entries 123
No. of Rebuys  
Total Prize Pool $11,931.00
Information Source  
Event Results
Place Name Prize
1st Welther Marmol $1,780.00
2nd  Damon Popella $1,780.00
3rd  Jimmy C $1,779.00
4th Matthew Simao $1,000.00
5th  John C $1,000.00
6th  Michael Maloney $1,000.00
7th  John C $1,000.00
8th  Derrick Perry $1,000.00
9th Roger P $320.00
10th  Eric N $233.00
11th  Anastasios P $233.00
12th Louis Chang $233.00
13th Joe Starratt $191.00
14th Patrick O’Brien $191.00
15th Michael Robinson $191.00

Event 5: $250 PLO High Only 10K Guarantee

10:58 am

With a 10K Guarantee in hand, the PLO played many hours into the night to chop this tournament 8 ways.

Congratulations to all!

Festival Name Spring Showdown 2015
Venue Name Mohegan Sun
Venue City Uncasville 
Event # 5
Event Name $250 PLO Tournament
Start Date 02-Mar-15
No. of Entries 37
No. of Rebuys  
Total Prize Pool $9,700.00
Information Source  
Event Results
Place Name Prize
1st Mark G $1,500.00
2nd  Christopher Korres $1,500.00
3rd  James Procaccini $1,500.00
4th Gregg K $1,500.00
5th  Evan M $925.00
6th  Christopher M $925.00
7th  Peter H $925.00
8th  David W $925.00