Main Event Prize Pool

04:02 pm

As promised, we are presenting the prize pool for Event 12: $1,100 NLH

Spring Showdown 2015
Mohegan Sun
$1,100 Main Event NLH
Name Prize
1st $35,469.00
2nd  $24,835.00
3rd  $15,978.00
4th $11,832.00
5th  $8,870.00
6th  $7,094.00
7th  $5,895.00
8th  $4,724.00
9th $3,540.00
10th – 12th $2,576.00
13th – 15th $2,121.00
16th – 18th $1,804.00

Main Event Registration is Closed

04:00 pm








The 1,100 Main Event is now closed to registration and the remaining participants are now playing Level 7.

The average chip stack has grown to 40,571 and blinds are 200/400/50.

The prize pool is now being calculated and will be ready to post in a few minutes.

Stay tuned at @mohegansunpoker #springshowdown2015.

Main Event Update

02:50 pm

Nearing the end of Level 5, the entrants have grown to 130 with about 115 still fighting to stay alive in today’s $1,100 Main Event.

While posting the results from yesterday’s events, Twitter followers have been up to date level by level by using #springshowdown2015.

Join us on Twitter @mohegansunpoker to follow along in between blog site posts.

While we wait for registration to close, here are some candid shots of Table 13’s players already in the action here.

Nick waits for preflop action here on Table 13.

Marsel Backa has returned today to play in the Main Event. As you can see, he is feeling good going into Level 6.

We wish him luck into the later levels.

$250 NLH 25K Guarantee (3/7) Results

02:06 pm

As earlier reported, we left the $250 event with two tables of players vying for the prize pool in yesterday’s $250 NLH 25K Guarantee.

15 prizes were handed out including a eleven-way chop to quickly accelerate the play that night.

Here are the results for yesterday’s last $250 NLH Event of the Spring Showdown:

Festival Name Spring Showdown 2015
Venue Name Mohegan Sun
Venue City Uncasville 
Event # 11
Event Name $250 NLH Tournament
Start Date 06-Mar-15
No. of Entries 133
No. of Rebuys  
Total Prize Pool $28,383.00
Information Source  
Event Results
Place Name Prize
1st N/A $2,884.00
2nd  William Miller $2,884.00
3rd  N/A $2,300.00
4th Michael Hollenberg $2,300.00
5th  Robert Mozzicato $2,300.00
6th  Justin Gamache $2,300.00
7th  Mark Miller $2,300.00
8th  N/A $2,300.00
9th Linsford Geddes $2,300.00
10th  Michael Guzzardi $2,300.00
11th  N/A $2,300.00
12th Michael Nye $553.00
13th N/A $454.00
14th Michael Masella $454.00
15th Alberto Saogali $454.00

$400 NLH Event 9 Winners Update

10:44 am

Welcome back to our coverage of the Mohegan Sun Spring Showdown 2015.

Last time we left you, our $250 NLH 25K Guarantee was in full swing & down to 20 players with 15 places to pay.

We also were down to the final eight contenders for Event 9 $400 NLH.

Before we begin coverage of the Main Event, we will post pictures and prizes paid to the remaining eight.


 8th place — Paul Sartanowicz











Paul took a prize home of $2,249 in last night’s event. Wearing his trademark Hawaiian shirt, Paul made a repeat appearance to take another impressive prize. In 2012, he took 6th place in our $340 NLH Summer Showdown event for $3,783.

Congratulations Paul!


7th place — Nicholas Uchenick










Nick took home a prize of $2,808. With a few wins under his belt, Nick is poised to become an up and coming player in the tournament world.

Congratulations Nick!


6th Place — Sean Curtin











Sean took home a prize of $3,380. Serious and observant at all times, Sean is quite experienced participating in many tournament series across the Northeast. Sean largest prize to date is from December 2012 in 1st place in Foxwoods’ $400 NLH MegaStack Challenge XXVI Event for a payday of $19,437.

Congratulations Sean!


5th Place — Eric Hunte











Eric took home a prize of $4,225 in yesterday’s $400 NLH Event. Eric played well last night with great sportsmanship and we wish him many more wins in upcoming tournaments. Congratulations Eric!


With 4 left in the tournament, the players agreed to a chop of three $10K prizes with 1st place taking $11,920 and the trophy!

4th place — Djohny Centeio











Congratulations Djony and we wish him repeated success in many events in the future!


3rd Place — Johnny Lau











Carrying over his “in the money” win from Foxwoods’ Card Player Poker Tour in February, Johnny took 3rd place of $10,000 in last night’s $400 NLH event. Congratulations to Johnny and we also wish him continued success.


2nd Place — Gary “The Barber” Medeiros











Proudly putting his business card in my hands, Gary’s 3Brothers Barbers in Taunton, MA is a 4th generation barbershop specializing in nostalgic  services like straight edge shaves and hot towel treatments.

Gary took $10,000 for his efforts yesterday and congratulate him for taking 2nd place in yesterday’s $400 NLH event!


1st Place — John Falzarano











John is our event winner and takes home $11,920 and the trophy!

For the final hand of the night, it was a showdown of Gary’s A 2 off suit versus John’s Kd Kh:

With a 71% chance of winning Preflop, John retells the board cards were two nines and two tens with an uncircumstanial fifth card leaving no ace for Gary to pair up with.

John’s Kings up are victorious and the $400 NLH is now in the history books!

Congratulations to all our winners!

Festival Name Spring Showdown 2015
Venue Name Mohegan Sun
Venue City Uncasville 
Event # 9
Event Name $400 NLH Tournament
Start Date 04-Mar-15
No. of Entries 200
No. of Rebuys  
Total Prize Pool $69,840.00
Information Source  
Event Results
Place Name Prize
1st John Falzarano $11,920.00
2nd  Gary Medeiros $10,000.00
3rd  Johnny Lau $10,000.00
4th Djony Centeio $10,000.00
5th  Eric Hunte $4,225.00
6th  Sean Curtin $3,380.00
7th  Nick Uchenick $2,808.00
8th  Paul Sartanowicz $2,249.00
9th William Frederick $1,683.00
10th  David Espinola $1,229.00
11th  N/A $1,229.00
12th Nicholas Palazzo $1,229.00
13th N/A $1,013.00
14th Ryan Babcock $1,013.00
15th Mark Perry $1,013.00
16th David Whalen $859.00
17th Tarun Gulati $859.00
18th Kip Bochain $859.00
19th N/A $754.00
20th  Dominick Pelli $754.00
21st N/A $754.00
22nd  Don Farnen $670.00
23rd  Jared Burgess $670.00
24th  Alexander Romano $670.00




9th Place $400 NLH — William Frederick

10:24 am










 9th place winner William Frederick

Congratulations to Wiiliam Frederick for placing 9th in our Spring Showdown 2015 $400 NLH Event

William took a prize of $1,683!



Chip Counts in $400 NLH Event into the Dinner Break

07:18 pm

Now that our remaining players are refueling for the push to the end, here’s how the players stack up:

John Falzarano:       849K

Djony Centeio:          831K

Nicholas Uchenick: 473K

Sean Curtin:             467K

Eric Hunte:              455K

Gary Medeirios:      352K

Johnny Lau:            321K

Paul Sartanowicz: 310K

We have no “million chip players”, but most of the field is evenly spread out.  With Level 25 blinds at 12k/24k/3k, it looks like it’s going to be crunch time for many of our players.

Unfortunately, my coverage of today’s action must come to a close. But I will post results with pictures tomorrow as action resumes.

Again, thank you for following along today with us and please continue to be part of the conversation on Twitter @mohegansunpoker with #springshowdown2015.

Good Night and Good Luck to all our remaining participants.!


Event 11 $250 25K Guarantee

05:53 pm

It is now dinner break for the remaining 29 players in today’s $250 event. They will return to play about 6:15 tonight.

While we have a break in the action, it is time to post their prize pool for you:

Festival Name

Spring Showdown

Venue Name

Mohegan Sun

Venue City

Uncasville, CT

Event #


Event Name

$250 NLH 25K Event

Start Date


No. of Entries


No. of Rebuys


Total Prize Pool


Information Source


Event Results

















































Prizes Paid Out in Event 9

05:36 pm

Here is the list of all of the prizes from Event 9 paid out today!

Congratulations to our finishers!

Spring Showdown 2015 $400 NLH      
FIRST LAST Place  Prize Paid 
DAVID ESPINOLA 10  $        1,229.00
MATTHEW WANTMAN 11  $        1,229.00
NICHOLAS PALAZZO 12  $        1,229.00
N/A   13  $        1,013.00
RYAN BABCOCK 14  $        1,013.00
MARK PERRY 15  $        1,013.00
DAVID WHALEN 16  $            859.00
TARUN GULATI 17  $            859.00
KIP BOCHAIN 18  $            859.00
N/A   19  $            754.00
DOMINICK PELLI 20  $            754.00
N/A   21  $            754.00
DON FARNEN 22  $            670.00
JARED BURGESS 23  $            670.00
ALEXANDER ROMANO 24  $            670.00

10th Place — $400 NLH David Espinola

05:16 pm











Action was cautious until this fateful hand.

The hand begins with 6,000/12,000/2,000. Nicholas Uchenick raises the blinds to 20,000. David answers the bet with an all-in raise of about 100K which Nicholas quickly calls.

Nick: Tc Ts

David: Qc 10d

Dealer puts out the board of 8d Kh Kd 7h 3h

The hopes for a gutshot straight are dashed with the last card and Nick takes the pot with his Kings and Tens hand.

David will take home a prize of $1,229. Congratulations David!