Sung aka Frankie Fish now over 140k #springshowdown

09:50 pm

Sung aka Frankie Fish, playing on table 5 seat 10 now has over 140k

His chip stack looks healthy after taking down a 20k pot in the last hand played.

Sung says hi to his good friends Kevin, Eddy, and John!

Chip leader bobby ricciuti 215k

09:34 pm

Bobby Ricciuti of table 9 seat 7 now has the chip lead with 215k

The chip lead is closely followed by Robert Melo who currently has a stack size of 205k

Both of these players are well ahead of the average chip stack of 66,522

Level 11 Blinds are up 500/1000/100

09:27 pm

Poker players blinds are up to 500/1000/100

Currently there are 92 players left in the event.

Average chip stack is 66,522

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Jim Magner knocks one out on table 13 #Springshowdown

08:58 pm

Jim Magner of table 13 seat 10 knocks out his opponent playing in the 8 seat for the all in of 17.4k

 Jim played K♥J♦ against his opponents pair 6♦6♥


The flop turn and river read J♣5♣3♣5♦A♣

Jim took down the all in of 17.4k with Jacks and Fives with an Ace.

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Double up for Saudino 28k #springshowdown

08:42 pm

Saudino of table 9 seat 6 takes down a double for a total of 28k in chips and continues his efforts in today’s $1100 main event.

Blinds are up 400/800/100

08:27 pm

Tournament players are now competing with each other at blind levels 400/800/100

Currently there are 107 players left in the $1100 main event.

Average chip stack is 57,196

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Mark Perry takes down an easy 30k pot #springshowdown

08:21 pm

Catching the action post flop Mark Perry of table 4 seat 8 takes down 30k like it was easy.

Marks called a 6k bet on the turn and fired out a 12k bet on the river after his opponent checked.

The board read Q♦10♣2♥5♠5♦

His opponent folded to his 12k bet on the river which gives Mark a steady 30k lead on his table.

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Second in chips… David Stefanski #springshowdown

08:07 pm

David Stefanski of table 7 in seat 7 is not far behind the current chip leader, Robert Melo.

David just reached over 190k in chips!

Second in chips, David Stefanski “The Greatest of All Time” may have a shot at going far in today’s event!

Chip leader with over 220k #Springshowdown

07:50 pm

Our chip leader, Robert Melo, who is playing on table 3 seat 8 has a stack size 221k

Earlier Robert maintained his chip stack through a 4 way all in which involved him winning the hand with a full house.

Best of luck to all of our players in today’s $1100 main event!

double up for Ramy Ibrahim

07:39 pm


Ramy Ibrahim, playing on table 5 had 11,900 left in chips.

Thankful for a double up with a pair of jacks he now has more time and a bigger stack to continue on in the $1100 event!