Results from Wednesday’s 10K on 10.23.13

02:51 am

  Players : 125      
  Prize Pool: $12,125        
  Name City   Prize Amount
1 Roger Palombrizo Tolland CT  $      1,889.00
2 Michael Molotschk   NJ  $      1,888.00
3 Sal Mangiafico Newington CT  $      1,888.00
4 N/A      $      1,888.00
5 N/A      $         788.00
6 N/A      $         667.00
7 Garfield Shorts Providence RI  $         546.00
8 Larry Novo Wareham MA  $         424.00
9 Rick Rossi,Sr Essex CT  $         382.00
10 N/A      $         340.00
11 N/A      $         303.00
12 Dallais McIlrath East Hampton MA  $         303.00
13 N/A      $         273.00
14 Tom Romano Guilford CT  $         273.00
15 N/A      $         273.00

Thursday October 24th Tournament Schedule

12:00 pm


10:00am – $75 Re-Entry — 6k/20 Minute

2:00 pm – $40 Turbo — 5k/15 Minute — Unlimited Re-entry for 6 levels

7:00pm – $120 NLH— 15k/20 Minute

Results from Sunday’s Super Special 30K on 10.20.13

05:34 am

  Players : 98      
  Prize Pool: $29,100        
  Name City   Prize Amount
1 Joe Constantino Billerica MA  $      8,438.00
2 Sung Lee Flushing NY  $      4,947.00
3 Harry Rubin Stamford CT  $      3,347.00
4 Daniel Yanofski West Essex NJ  $      2,765.00
5 James Dabowski Ansonia CT  $      2,328.00
6 Manuel Jaime Brooklyn NY  $      2,037.00
7 N/A      $      1,746.00
8 Shannon Scalice Lindenhurst NY  $      1,455.00
9 Carlos Gomes Shelton CT  $      1,164.00
10 Charles Saleba Worcester MA  $         873.00

Wednesday October 23rd Tournament Schedule

12:00 pm


10:00am – $75 Re-Entry — 6k/20 Minute

2:00pm – $40 Turbo — 5k/15 Minute — Unlimited Re-entry for 6 levels

7:00pm – $120 NLH — $10K Guarantee – 20k/20 Minute 

Tuesday October 22nd Tournament Schedule

12:00 pm


10:00am — $75 Re-Entry — 6k/20 Minutes

2:00pm — $40 Turbo — 5k/15 Mintues — Unlimited Re-entries for 6 levels

7:00 pm — $100 Bounty ($25 Bounty) – 10k/20 Minute

Monday October 21st Tournament Schedule

12:00 pm


10:00am – $85 Bounty ($25 Bounty) — 8k/15Minute

2:00pm – $40 Turbo — 5k/15 Minute — Unlimited Re-Entry for 6 Levels

7:00pm – $80 NLH — 10k/20 Minute

Sunday October 20th Tournament Schedule

12:00 pm


10:00am — $330 NLH — $30K Guarantee — 30k/30 Minute

Saturday October 19th Tournament Schedule

12:00 pm


11:00am — $150 NLH — $10K Guarantee — 20k/25 Minute

Around the Felt – Interview with new Poker Room Manager Josh Zuckerman…and more

08:03 am


Recently the Poker Room has hired a new manager. He is no stranger to Mohegan Sun or to Poker. His name is Joshua Zuckerman. We sat down with him to answer a few questions.

ATF: Josh, Welcome back to Mohegan Sun. For those who don’t know you, please tell everyone your background in the poker industry?
JZ :My poker background started here in Connecticut in June 1994. I was a Security Officer at Foxwoods that recently completed poker school. I dealt poker at Foxwoods until the Mohegan Sun Casino opened in October 1996. I started here a dual rate dealer and got a great feel for what it was like being on the floor. My involvement in management continued with multiple promotions up to Poker Room Shift Manager over the course of my eight years at Mohegan Sun.
Due to recent law changes in late in 2003, I was hired by Jacksonville Greyhound Racing and Poker in Jacksonville, Florida to open their first poker room. Four years later we opened second poker room and had over 80 tables combined while doubling our staff.
ATF: I’m sure plenty of players have come up to you to introduce themselves, have they been trying to pick your brain on any details on any upcoming promotions?
JZ:  I have!! I got to reconnect with a lot of players I have known for years as well as a ton of new players and they all have asked that exact question. What kind of promotions are you planning on? Of course I told them to keep an eye out for the November calendar. We are looking forward to doing more high hands moving forward!
ATF: If there is one game (other than No Limit) that you would love to see here on a regular basis, what would it be and why?
JZ: I know No Limit really is the game of choice for the modern day poker player however, I would love to see more limit games….stud and hold’em! Of course we can’t forget PLO. I guess it’s safe to say we have an excellent selection of No Limit Hold’em action and I would like to build of that!
ATF: Is there a difference on the clientele at the dog tracks from Florida to Connecticut? Most people would think that it is mainly “Senior Citizens” who play down in Florida.
JZ: That’s a great question. I would say that the atmosphere from the beginning (2003-2009) was very casual and social and as the changes in the law allowed high stakes poker games and tournaments,  if got more competitive. As for the average age, same thing, it was an older crowd in the daytime and got younger at night during the early day of poker if Florida however, after “Black Friday” I think every poker room nationwide would say the average age got much younger.
ATF: Thank you for your time and welcome back!


This weekend is sure to busy here in the Poker Room. The Bad Beat Jackpot is now over $218,206. While the Stud Bad Beat is over $53,283. Come down this weekend and play.
People are already starting talking about the upcoming 2013 Deepstacks Poker Tour – Mohegan Sun World Championships coming next month. Satellites start on November 2nd. The main event is a guaranteed $500,000 prizepool.
You could win a seat for as little as $70.



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Super Sunday Special
$330.00 Buy-in
30K Chip Stack/30 Minute Blinds



Friday October 18th Tournament Schedule

12:00 pm


11:00am $75 Re-Entry — 8K/20 Minute 

2:00pm $100 Bounty ($25 Bounty) – 10K/20 Minute