Break Time & Chip Counts

08:42 pm

Here are updated chip counts as we are in break :

Seat 2 : Dominick Pelli – 350K

Seat 3: Ross Santos – 1.7M

Seat 4: Jia Liu – 375K

Seat 5: Roger Palombizio – 829K

Seat 6: Joe Sweeney – 580K

Seat 8: David Grandieri – 370K

Seat 9: Joe Ruvolo – 200K

Seat 10: Chris Jenkins – 1.4M

We are now entering Level 23 – 12K/24K 2K ante

Glenn Spector – 9th Place – $3815

08:34 pm


Glenn Spector raises 45K, Chris Jenkins re-raises to 170K…Glenn goes all-in then Chris snap calls with AA. Glenn shows AKh. Flop comes an Ace to eliminate Glenn in 9th. C

Chris ‘The Newlywed” Jenkins has 1.3M

A WSOP recent casher will cash in Mohegan Sun’s Main Event…

08:23 pm


Jia Liu, a Norwich, CT resident, who recently went out to Las Vegas and cashed in a WSOP event is still playing with plenty of chips. He is around 530K in chips.

Event #13 – Level 22 – 10K/20K 2K ante

08:06 pm


Still have 30 minutes left at this level til the remaining 9 take a 10 minute break. Ross Santos is still the leader with 1.6M in chips.

Main Event Cashers…10th – 14th

07:45 pm

Current Cashers from the Main Event :

10 Thomas Leonard South Hadley MA  $       3,052.00
11 Jim Procaccini Trumbull CT  $       2,219.00
12 Dennis Metayer Salem MA  $       2,219.00
13 Knowlton Atterbeary Laurel MD  $       2,219.00
14 Philippe Casciola New York  NY  $       2,219.00

Tommy Leonard – 10th Place $3052

07:40 pm

Tommy Leonard and Ross Santos raised and re-raised til it all got into the middle pre-flop. Tom flipped over AKx while Ross shows KK.

Board read 7/J/Q/J/8

Ross knocks out Tommy and now has over 1.6M in chips.

Event #13 – 8k/16k 2k ante

07:12 pm

2 hands and 2 people have been eliminated. Chris “The Newlywed” Jenkins calls Dennis’ Metayer all-in with AAs while Dennis has 55. No 5 on the board so Dennis is knocked out in 12th place and recieves $2219.

Jim Procaccini is knocked out in 11th when David Grandieri re-raises Jim’s all-in with AKx while Jim shows 99. An Ace comes on the flop and no help to Jim. Jim earned $2219.

Event #13 – Dinner Time !!

05:52 pm

Dinner Time – 12 players remain. Play resumes at 6:48pm.





Glenn Spector wins a 700k pot with Jacks…

05:29 pm

Glenn Spector and David Grandieri raise and reraise preflop. Then Glenn puts the rest of his chips which makes Dave go in the tank for 3 minutes thinking….then calls.

Glenn – JJ

David – AQ

Board goes clean. Glenn now has over 700K while David has just under 300K.

Dinner break comes shortly






Giuseppe knocks out the Bubble !!

04:47 pm

Giuseppe “Joe” Ruvolo and Kyle Loman get it all-in pre-flop. Kyle was a risk with 66 vs. Joe’s KK. A king comes on the river to knock out Kyle so now we are in the money.