February 1st Tournament Schedule

12:00 pm





Daily Tournaments    Guaranteed Poker Tournaments

12:12am $75 Bounty ($10 Bounty)

10:00am  $60 Re-Entry

12:00pm $60 w/ $20 Add-On

7:30pm $120 – 10K Guarantee

2 New Tournaments coming this week to the Poker Room

12:02 pm





New Guaranteed Poker Tournaments   Daily Tournaments

Mohegan Sun Poker Room is excited to announce 2 NEW tournaments coming at the end of this week.

Friday’s — 2pm $230 — Super Bounty – $100 Bounty — 20K chips/25 Min Blinds

Saturday’s — New Time — 11:00am — $150  WITH a 10K Guarantee – 20K/25 Min Blinds


Flop A Royal Jackpot increases to $3000 !

06:00 am





Royal Flush

Play in any Mohegan Sun cash game or daily poker tournament to qualify for a Royal Flush prize.

Be the first player to flop a Royal Flush and win $1,000. Each week the jackpot will increase by $1,000 until a Royal Flush is flopped or the Jackpot reaches $24,000. Players who make a Royal Flush using one card in their hand will receive a $10.00 food comp. Players who make a Royal Flush using two cards in their hand will receive a $25.00 gas card.

Conditions to qualify for the Mohegan Sun Flop a Royal Flush Promotion »

  • Two or more players must be dealt into the hand
  • There shall be no minimum qualifying pot
  • The hand does not have to be played to completion
  • The deal must be valid and a flop must take place to qualify
  • Mixed games, Omaha and Seven Card Stud shall be excluded from the flop a royal flush promotion, however will be included in the food comp and gas card
  • All Mohegan Sun Texas Hold’em and daily NLH poker tournaments will qualify
  • Major and special poker tournaments shall be excluded from this promotion
  • The promotion will end for that week once a royal flush has been flopped
  • In the event two royal flushes are flopped and it cannot be determined which hand hit first, the prize payout will be divided evenly amongst the winners
  • Once the jackpot reaches $24,000 it will be frozen until hit
  • Players must provide valid government identification for their hand to qualify
  • Players shall have thirty minutes to produce valid government photo identification, if the player cannot produce valid identification once the 30 minutes has passed, the hand shall be deemed invalid and the promotion shall continue
  • This is a Mohegan Sun funded promotion

January 30th Tournament Schedule

12:00 pm



Daily Tournaments                   Midnight Tournaments

12:12am $60

10:00am $85 Bounty ($25 Bounty)

12:00pm $80 HHJP

7:30pm $100 w/ $20 Add-On

January 29th Tournament Schedule

12:00 pm



Daily Tournaments 

9:00 am $60 Re-Entry

11:00am $145 Bounty ($25 Bounty)

5:00pm $120 Re-Load

Results from 15K Tournament on 1.27.12

06:57 am




Guaranteed Poker Tournaments

  Participants: 88      
  Prize Pool : $14,938        
  Name City   Prize Amount
1 Roberto Espinale Flushing NY  $      1,802.00
2 Bobby The Bus Revere MA  $      1,802.00
3 Stephen Reiser Marlborough CT  $      1,802.00
4 Justin Gamache Westerly RI  $      1,802.00
5 Paul DeBernardo Stratford CT  $      1,802.00
6 N/A      $      1,802.00
7 N/A      $      1,802.00
8 N/A      $      1,801.00
9 N/A      $         523.00


Starting next Saturday morning @ 11:00am, We will have a 10K Guarantee. $150 Buy-In.

January 28th Tournament Schedule

12:00 pm



Daily Tournaments                Sit-N-Go

10:00 am $125 Bounty ($25 Bounty)

Sit -n- Go’s — $75, $100 Bounty, $120

January 27th Tournament Schedule

12:00 pm



Daily Tournaments                     Guaranteed Poker Tournaments

12:12am $75 Bounty ($10 Bounty)

11:00am $75 NLH

2:00pm $200 – 15K Guarantee

Mohegan Sun Poker Room Proudly introduces Tag Team Poker

07:03 am




Tag Team Poker

Get your Poker face ready for Mohegan Sun’s Tag Team Poker Tournament

Sunday, February 12th | 10:00am

  • $330 ($288 buy-in + $30 entry fee + $12 TTP fee)
  • $165 per player – two-player team format
  • No re-buys or add-ons available


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New Player Point Promotion starting on February 1st

07:01 am




Player Point Promotion

Play in the following Poker live cash games, and receive additional non-tier points for your play!

February 1st -April 30th

  • $1/$2 No Limit Hold ’em
  • $2/$5 No Limit Hold ’em and Higher
  • $20/$20 Stud and Higher


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