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Jay Feingold – 1st PLACE SPRING SHOWDOWN $600 NLH ($28,004) #SpringShowdown2015

04:15 am

Jay Feinglold - 1st Place $600 NLH 100K Guaranteed


Jay Feingold played heads up against David Grandieri until level 32 in Mohegan Sun’s 2015 Spring Showdown $600 NLH 100K Guarantee Event.

Through the duration of the event, both players played with great skill and sportsmanship.

Jay Feingold's Straight to the Ace!

Pre-flop, David shoved all in with a pair of queens and Jay called with A♠10♠.

The flop, turn, and river cards ran out 8♥6♠K♠Q♦J♦ which gave Jay the Broadway straight to the ace!

Place Name Prize
1st Jay Feingold $28,004.00
2nd  David Grandieri $21,004.00
3rd  Matthew Covrigaru $17,004.00
4th Zhu Tang Liu $10,244.00
5th  Glen Wundeler $7,690.00
6th  William Miller $6,149.00
7th  Kevin Chang $5,108.00
8th  Victor Amereno $4,095.00
9th David Patterman $3,068.00
10th  Brent Reihl $2,235.00
11th  David Anderson $2,235.00
12th Linsford Geddes $2,235.00
13th Robert Allain $1,832.00
14th Hon Sung Lau $1,832.00
15th Zach Daly $1,832.00
16th Nicholas Cyr $1,569.00
17th Brad St. Vincent $1,569.00
18th James Beach $1,569.00
19th James Campbell $1,374.00
20th  Sammy Wu $1,374.00
21st Kinnon Smallbone $1,374.00
22nd Jim Procaccini $1,222.00
23rd Andrew Cooper $1,222.00
24th Roger Palombizio $1,222.00
25th  Mohamed Benzekri $1,083.00
26th  Jayaram Kovoor Chathott $1,083.00
27th  Matthew Marko $1,083.00
28th  Jared Cohen $944.00
29th Nicholas Gerrity $944.00
30th  Carl Gueli $944.00
31st  Kevin Penhall $944.00
32nd Kyle Thompson $944.00
33rd Dzafe Lukolic $944.00
34th  Taemee Feuer $944.00
35th Mike Lowe $944.00
36th  Robert Bottone $944.00

Stay tuned for more updates on Mohegan Sun’s 2015 Spring Showdown at #SpringShowdown2015

David Grandieri – 2nd PLACE SPRING SHOWDOWN $600 NLH ($21,004)

02:56 am

David Grandieri

Congrats to David Grandieri for placing 2nd in our Spring Showdown $600 NLH 100K Guarantee!

Dave took down a prize of $21,004!

Level 31 $600 NLH 100K Guaranteed #SpringShowdown2015

02:06 am

David Grandieri and Jay Feingold are battling to the absolute finish with $52,172 left in the prize pool between the two of them.

Tournament players are grinding cautiously through level 31.

The blinds have reached a staggering 10K/50K/100K structure.

There is 39 minutes left in the level.

At the moment, the chip count totals…

Jay Feingold – 3.7M

David Grandieri – 1.7M

Stay tuned for more action at #SpringShowdown2015

Matthew Covrigaru – 3rd PLACE SPRING SHOWDOWN $600 NLH ($17,004)

01:52 am

Matthew Covrigaru

Congrats to Matthew Covrigaru for placing 3rd in our Spring Showdown $600 NLH 100K Guarantee!

Matthew took down a prize of $17,004!

Emmanuel Kouhaiz – 1st PLACE SPRING SHOWDOWN $300 BOUNTY ($6,254)

01:12 am

Emmanuel Kouhaiz - $300 Bounty Trophy Winner

Congrats to Emmanuel Kouhaiz for placing 1st in our Spring Showdown $300 Bounty 30K Guarantee!

Manny took down a prize of $6,254!

Spring Showdown
Mohegan Sun
Uncasville, CT
$300 Bounty Event
Place Name Prize
1st Emmanuel Kouhaiz $6,254.00
2nd  Hamid Kashvari $5,200.00
3rd  Benoit Gariepy $3,500.00
4th Justin Gamache $3,500.00
5th  Jose Reyes $1,860.00
6th  Soukha Kachitta $1,488.00
7th  David Keeney $1,236.00
8th  Daniel Mucciaccio $990.00
9th Paul North $741.00
10th  Michael Manulla $541.00
11th  James Tinker $541.00
12th David Espinola $541.00
13th Joseph Starratt $446.00
14th Frederick Berdon $446.00
15th Frederick Greenvbaum $446.00
16th Joseph Salvador $378.00
17th Thomas Balla $378.00
18th Vincent Bevilacqua $378.00
19th John McGowan $332.00
20th  Brian Hendrix $332.00
21st Matthew Wantman $332.00
22nd Steven Dagostino $295.00
23rd Larry Chase $295.00
24th Frederick Boris $295.00

Hamid Kashvari – 2nd PLACE SPRING SHOWDOWN $300 BOUNTY ($5,200)

12:45 am

Hamid Kashvari

Congrats to Hamid Kashvari for placing 2nd in our Spring Showdown $300 Bounty 30K Guarantee!

Hamid took down a prize of $5,200!

Benoit Gariepy – 3rd PLACE SPRING SHOWDOWN $300 BOUNTY ($3,500)

12:40 am

Benoit Gariepy

Congrats to Benoit Gariepy for placing 3rd in our Spring Showdown $300 Bounty 30K Guarantee!

Ben took down a prize of $3,500!

Justin Gamache – 4th PLACE SPRING SHOWDOWN $300 BOUNTY ($3,500)

12:37 am

Justin Gamache

Congrats to Justin Gamache for placing 4th in our Spring Showdown $300 Bounty 30K Guarantee!

Justin took down a prize of $3,500!

Jose Reyes – 5th PLACE SPRING SHOWDOWN $300 BOUNTY ($1,860)

12:34 am

Jose Reyes

Congrats to Jose Reyes for placing 5th in our Spring Showdown $300 Bounty 30K Guarantee!

Jose took down a prize of $1,860!

Level 29 $600 NLH 100K Guaranteed #SpringShowdown2015

12:20 am

Mohegan Sun's $600 NLH Event

We are down to three players in the $600 NLH 100K Guaranteed Event!

David Grandieri, Jay Feingold, and Matthew Covrigaru face off until the top prize of $30,658!!!

Currently, tournament players are in level 29.

The blinds are 10k/30k/60k

The chip average is now 1.8M

Stay tuned for more updates at Mohegan Sun’s Spring Showdown 2015!!!