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Keep your emotions in check. Play rationally. Keep your cool. One of the most popular and engaging card games, poker offers players a chance to test their skills against each other.

With over 40 tables in a state-of-the-art room, Mohegan Sun's Casino of the Wind is the East Coast's premier destination for poker! Featuring an array of games such as Omaha, Texas Hold 'Em and Seven-Card Stud, Mohegan Sun's got the game for every enthusiast.

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November 29th 6AM till Midnight

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Monday November 30th 6AM to Midnight

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Holiday Hangover Tournament

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December’s Tournaments

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2015 Summer Showdown event #7 results

04:19 pm

With 137 player and prize pool of $34,552 here are the winners from Event #7

1st Arthur Pappas   $7,000.00
2nd  Ronald Tenzyk   $4,034.00
3rd  Ian Searing   $4,034.00
4th Thomas Pollina   $4,034.00
5th  Anthony Pollina   $4,034.00
6th  Carmelo Cambareri   $4,034.00
7th  Jill Sodafsky   $1,541.00
8th  Burtin Rubin   $1,234.00
9th John Kasinki   $926.00
10th  James Gmeindl   $674.00
11th  Shannon Beers   $674.00
12th Paul Avilla   $674.00
13th Gerald Leone   $553.00
14th N/A   $553.00
15th N/A   $553.00


2015 Summer Showdown Main Event Results

04:01 pm

Our Summer Showdown 2015 Main Event drew 129 entrants for a total prize pool of $125,130.

Finishing on Sunday August 30th, here are the event winners for the Main Event.

Place Name Nationality Prize
1st Brenton Reihl   $30,000.00
2nd  Victor Amereno   $21,063.00
3rd  Samir Desai   $21,062.00
4th Radha Krithivas   $11,870.00
5th  Jonas Bendiks   $8,384.00
6th  Peter Campo   $6,707.00
7th  Souka Kachittavong   $5,581.00
8th  Michael O’Brien   $4,467.00
9th Roger Harris   $3,353.00
10th  Tom Dobrilovic   $2,440.00
11th  Je Wook OH   $2,440.00
12th Michael Teixeira   $2,002.00
13th Robert Holtz   $2,002.00
14th Matthew Wantman   $2,002.00
15th Natale Kuey   $2,002.00

2015 Summer Showdown Event 5 $300 NLH Results

01:02 pm

Our first of two $300 NLH $30 GTD events was played on Friday August 28th.

This event brought in a total of 90 entrants playing for a prize pool of $29,100.

We are currently playing our second $300 NLH today. The number of entries is 108 in Level 8.

Here are the results from Friday’s Tournament:

Place Name Nationality Prize
1st Je Wook O USA $7,926.00
2nd  Ivan Z   $6,000.00
3rd  Herbert B   $3,687.00
4th Thomas C   $2,732.00
5th  Thomas W   $2,049.00
6th  Raymond M   $1,638.00
7th  William M   $1,365.00
8th  Michael O   $1,091.00
9th Robert K   $821.00
10th  Victor P   $597.00
11th  Sheldon G   $597.00
12th Ian S   $597.00


2015 Summer Showdown Event 4 $120 NLH Results

12:56 pm

Here is the results from our second $120 NLH 10K GTD Tournament.

This event was played at 7 pm on Thursday August 29th.

Total entrants for this event was 107 with a total prize pool of $10,379.

Place Name Nationality Prize
1st Edward A. USA $2,597.00
2nd  Gary S.   $2,000.00
3rd  Guan W.   $1,038.00
4th Stephan G.   $830.00
5th  Paul S.   $675.00
6th  Stephan G.   $571.00
7th  Donna H.   $467.00
8th  Laszlo M.   $363.00
9th Joan O   $327.00
10th  Fahir P   $291.00
11th  Joseph C.   $259.00
12th Matthew H   $259.00
13th Eric T.   $234.00
14th Paul D   $234.00
15th Jeffrey B   $234.00

2015 Summer Showdown Event 3 $120 NLH Results

12:51 pm

On Wednesday, we hosted our always popular $120 NLH $10K Guarantee Tournament as part of our Summer Showdown Series. We had a total of 213 players doubling the total prize pool to $20,661.

Here are the results from that event:

Place Name Nationality Prize
1st Richard Rossi USA $4,027.00
2nd  Brian Z.   $4,027.00
3rd  Robert B   $1,963.00
4th Andrew J   $1,550.00
5th  Joshua L.   $1,219.00
6th  Stephan G   $981.00
7th  Dave M.   $826.00
8th  Steven C   $671.00
9th Randell B   $568.00
10th  Daniel M   $465.00
11th  Angel L.   $393.00
12th Carlo S.   $393.00
13th Peter S.   $331.00
14th Scott R.   $331.00
15th Richard Zisk   $331.00
16th Frank M.   $279.00
17th James R.   $279.00
18th Richard J.   $279.00
19th Kevin B.   $279.00
20th  Gregory F.   $279.00
21st Tanya F.   $238.00
22nd  Leon L.   $238.00
23rd  Christain H.   $238.00
24TH  Robert P.   $238.00
25TH  Gin S.    $238.00